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Zhob is a small town and district capital of Zhob District in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Zhob is found on the banks of Zhob river. The city was originally named Appozai after a nearby village. During British colonial era it was named Fort Sandeman. It obtained its current name on thirty July 1976 by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Zhob district is legendary for its varieties in fruits and different raw minerals gift in its mountainous ranges.

Totally different tourism spots are creating Zhob a lot of vital to national and even foreign tourists. Koh-e-Suleman range, Silyaze, Gatkai, Braiman, Babaran, Shin Ghar, and plenty of additional places are among the notable picnic places for native individuals and for tourists. The individuals of Zhob are considerably brave and honest. They are strict in there Muslim and native traditions and will never tolerate any outsider to interfere into their homeland zhob.

Zhob has a semi-arid climate and its rainfall is just high enough to avoid from the arid climate category found at lower elevations. unlike most of Balochistan, Zhob does on occasions receive rainfall from the monsoon though this happens very unpredictably.