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Turbat, is a city situated in southern Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. it is located on the left bank of the Kech river, which is a tributary to the Dasht river. The Makran vary to the north and east descends to coastal plains within the south. The city is a marketplace for dates grownup in the surrounding region and has a date-processing factory.  Jowar (sorghum), barley, wheat, and rice are grown, and livestock are raised.

The city includes a special place in Baloch folklore and literature, it is the house of Punnu, hero of the romance of Sassi Punnun.

The remains of Punnu’s fort can still be seen at Turbat. Atta Shad who is considered as one of the best poets of Baluchi literature was also born in Singanisar, a town in Turbat city. He not solely versatile in Baluchi poetry but he was also greatly appreciated for his contribution in Urdu poetry.

Koh-e-Imam lake, is a holy place, its mountainous vary stretches more than 15–25 kilometre from main Kech (Turbat) city. where you find several picnic points as there are several natural water reservoirs, throughout rainy seasons. In koh-e-imam there are centuries old tombs. they are mysterious in a sense that people still do not notice facts about the tombs aside of the river that is almost quite a hundred kilometre.