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Pakistan’s top food and beverage companies: A review

Below are reputable Food and Beverage Companies in Pakistan:


Nestle Pakistan is the best leading food company in Pakistan. It is one of the top employers in Pakistan, creating jobs in the local economy. The vision of the company is “Good Food, Good Life” and it promises to enhance lives every day and everywhere with best food and beverages.

Its main products are Chilled Dairy, Juices, Bottled water, Baby food, Coffee, Culinary & Food, Ambient Dairy and Confectionery. The company is now providing the biggest milk collection system in Pakistan and in this way it is collecting the milk from 190,000 farmers in two provinces Punjab and Sindh. The company is with the close communication of nutrition related companies. Nestlé Pakistan signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), signaling the support for gender equality and the guidance provided by the principles. WEP is a set of considerations to help businesses, like Nestlé, achieves key elements which are imperative to ensure gender equality at workplace.


Dalda is the best brand of saturated vegetable oil. This company was started from India. In the past, Dutch company export oil to India named Dada & Co. later, Hindustan Lever Company introduced its letter ‘L’ and named its oil company DALDA. After this, this company was established in Pakistan and made a brand of the company Unilever Pakistan. In 2004, Unilever Pakistan sold the Dalda brand and then a separate company came into being named Dalda Foods (Private) Limited.

This company provides the best quality vegetable oil and also exports its oil product in other countries that gives the best and healthy food taste to the people. Now Dalda has launched its TV show for best cooking recipes and recipe books also available in the market named “Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan”.

After Pakistan’s independence Dalda continued its journey of excellence and pioneering role in bringing new developments to the benefit of its consumers. In 1999 Dalda became one of the first edible fats products in the world to invest in new technologies to become virtually trans fat free.

To date Dalda VTF banaspati remains the only brand in Pakistan which is trans fat free and thus the healthiest banaspati in the country. Under the stewardship of Dalda Foods, even more focus has been brought to continuing product development and innovations, in depth understanding of consumer needs and bringing the highest quality of Dalda, Planta and sister brands to the market in all the four corners of the country.

To meet the needs of the vast middle income segment in the country a new brand –Manpasand Banaspati and Manaspati Cooking Oil was launched in 2005. Within a short span of time it has successfully become one of the largest brands in the market. In 2007 Dalda Foods portfolio of brands was further expanded to meet the needs arising out of the changing life styles and increasing health awareness of the people and Dalda Canola Cooking Oil and Dalda Olive Oil were brought to the market.


Mair Foods is a leading company of Pakistan. It produces and exports the Basmati Rice, Long Grain White Rice, Parboiled Rice Broken Rice, Citrus and Mango fruits. All best quality varieties of Pakistani basmati and long grain rice are produced processed and export to other countries of Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The products that are delivered by Mair Foods are high quality, cleaned, graded, well processed and all the products are inspected under the quality control.


Mitchell’s Fruit Farm Limited is the oldest food company of Pakistan that is established by a Francis J. Mitchell in 1933. In old times, the of this company was Indian Mildura Farm Limited but after the independence in 1947, the name of this company was changed to Mitchell’s Fruit Farm Limited and the name of the brand is MITCHELL’S.

After the establishment of this company, Mitchell’s made progress with every passing day. This company is not only expanding its products but also maintaining its products standard and quality and with these qualities it has become the largest food company of Pakistan. It is much popular among the food and beverage companies in Pakistan. With the entire efforts of this company, it now exists among the market leaders companies. The products of Mitchell’s are also being export to other countries including UK, USA and Canada, Middle East and South Asia. Mitchell’s provides healthy, innovative and best quality food.



Murree Brewery is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage company of Pakistan. This company was founded in 1860 by British and then became the publicly traded company of Pakistan. This company is one of the fastest growing companies of Pakistan and its units are located in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). This company produces about 10 million liters beer each year. This is the largest company that produces alcoholic products in Pakistan and its premium products are Murree’s Millennium Beer, Murree Classic Beer, Lite Export Pills, Single Malt Whisky, Vintage with a blend of a Scotch Grain Whisky, Silver Top Gin, Bolskaya Vodka and Doctor’s Brandy.


National Foods Limited is a multinational company which started its career in 1970 and initially it was a spice company but with the passage of time this company has expanded its products. With a history spanning over four decades, National Foods has trudged through various challenges of – economic booms/depressions, wars, globalization, changing consumer lifestyles, technological advancements and has successfully catered to the changing needs of its customers. National Foods has managed this with its consumer centric and innovative product development which keeps into account the ever changing market trends.


OMORE is basically an ice cream brand in Pakistan manufactured by Engro Foods Limited. It is a multipurpose manufacturing company. It was started in 2004 and mainly working for different products including dairy products, ice cream, fruit juices, and rice products. With its rich, creamy taste, high nutrition content and wide-range of flavors and formats Omoré is a delectable ice-cream and frozen desserts brand that seeks to cater to a wide range of consumer groups and taste palettes.

Available in more than 30 SKUs including ice-lollies, tubs, bricks, cups, cones, and sticks of different sizes, Omoré has become a household name across Pakistan.


Shan Food Industries is a spice company of Pakistan. It was established in 1981 on very small scale and after few years of its establishment it became a brand and started to export its products to other countries like Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Middle East and about 65 more countries.

Shan Foods is the largest exporter of best quality spices, recipe mixes, pickles and desserts and it export its products across Pakistan and it gives the best meal taste around the world.

This food company also sponsors different food festivals and competitions. Shan Food Industries offers the online purchasing of its products not only in Pakistan but in other countries of the world. Shan is expanding its products variety to give more taste in the meals.


Shezan International Limited is a Pakistani beverage manufacturing company. This company is famous for its best quality fruits and vegetables from its own orchards and it provides great flavors of its products.

The great thing is that the process of preparing the food products is so nice that it can’t affect the nutritional value of fruits. Shezan is also the responsible for the hygiene of any food product. The products of Shezan company are soft drinks, juices, ketchups and jams. This is the largest mangoes grower Pakistani company.


United Industries Limited was established in 1962 and the Pakistan’s most popular Kashmir Ghee is manufactured by this company. Kashmir has its three brands. They are Kashmir Banaspati, Kashmir Premium Gold and Kashmir Canola Oil. The equipment that is used in the process of production are ultra-high-tech. That’s why, UIL is also included in the food and beverage companies in Pakistan.

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