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Mansehra is a city situated in Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of West Pakistan.

The name of the city springs from that of its founder, Sardar Maha Singh Mirpuri, who was a Sikh administrator and general within the Sikh Khalsa Army during the rule of the Khalsa Empire of prince Ranjit Singh.

During the festival of Durgashtami, held in the initial month of the Hindu calendar and also the seventh month of the Nanakshahi calendar, about four hundred native Hindus assemble on Bareri Hill to worship Devi (as Durga). Offerings are taken by a Brahmin of Mansehra. The assembly on every occasion lasts only one day. The site is ancient, as at the base of Bareri Hill are the boulders inscribed with the Edicts of Ashoka.