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Khuzdar is the capital city of the Khuzdar District of central Balochistan, Pakistan. Before March 1974, Khuzdar was a section of Kalat District. The Jhalawani or southern dialect of the Brahui language is spoken.

Under a written agreement with Kalat, British appointed a political agent at Khuzdar in 1903. British help continued till 1947, after which the area was acceded to Pakistan as a part of the two nation theory and became a Democracy. When the Balochistan States Union became Kalat Division, Khuzdar was established as the divisional headquarters.

Khuzdar is at the apex of a narrow valley at an elevation of 1,237 metres. Despite this altitude, Khuzdar like most of Balochistan has an arid climate with terribly low and erratic precipitation. in contrast to most parts of the province, the heaviest average precipitation comes from the Asian monsoon in July and August, though this precipitation tends to be terribly erratic and in several summers there is no significant rain at all.