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Hyderabad is a city situated in Sindh province of southern Pakistan.

Hyderabad is noteworthy in Sindh and Pakistan typically for its comparative tolerance towards spiritual and ethnic minorities. City is a multi-ethnic and includes a combination of Sindhi, Urdu speaking Muhajirs, Brahuis, Punjabis, Pashtuns, Memons and Baloch people.

Hyderabad is found on the east bank of the river Indus and is roughly 100 and 50 kilometers far from Karachi, the metropolis. Two of Pakistan’s largest highways, the Indus highway and also the National highway join at Hyderabad.

Hyderabad encompasses a hot desert climate, with heat conditions year-around. The period from mid-April to late June (before the onset of the monsoon) is the hottest of the year. Throughout this time, winds that blow typically bring on clouds of mud, and people like staying inside the daytime, whereas the breeze that flows at midnight is more pleasant.

Hyderabad is a very important industrial centre where industries include: textiles, sugar, cement, manufacturing of mirror, soap, ice, paper, pottery, plastics, tanneries, footwear mills and film. There are hide tanneries and sawmills. Handicraft industries, as well as silver and gold work, lacquer ware, adorned silks, and decorated animal skin saddles, are well established. Hyderabad produces the majority of the decorative glass bangles in Pakistan. Hyderabad is a major commercial centre for the agricultural produce of the surrounding area, including millet, rice, wheat, cotton, and fruit.