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Faisalabad is the third-most-populous town in Pakistan, and therefore the second-largest within the eastern province of Punjab. Traditionally one of the first planned cities among British India, it is long since developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Faisalabad has full-grown to become a significant industrial and distribution centre as a result of its central location within the region and connecting roads, rails, and shipping. It has been named as the “Manchester of Pakistan”.

The surrounding countryside, irrigated by the lower Chenab stream, produces cotton, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables and fruits. City is an industrial centre with major railway repair yards, engineering works, and mills that process sugar, flour, and oil seed. Faisalabad is a major producer of cotton and silk textiles, hosiery, dyes, industrial chemicals, beverages, clothing, pulp and paper, printing, agricultural equipment, and ghee. The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and business monitors industrial activity within the city and reports their findings to the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and industry and provincial government. City encompasses a major dry port and international airport.

Faisalabad is home to the University of Agriculture, Government faculty University yet as the Ayub Agricultural research Institute, Divisional Public school Faisalabad and National Textile University.

The weather within the town is monitored by the Pakistan meteorological Department. The Pakistan meteorological Department frequently provides forecasts, public warnings and rain data to farmers with the help of the National Agro met Centre. Faisalabad has been classified as a hot desert climate.

Faisalabad is recognised as the centre of the textile business in Pakistan, contributive to half Pakistan’s total textile shipments. Whereas Punjab’s economy is driven primarily by agriculture, the textile business beside animal skin product and light-weight engineering product play a vital role, with quite 48,000 industrial units unfold across Punjab. In an endeavor to spice up bilateral trade, Romania and Turkey have honorary-consulates in Faisalabad that modify trade links with town.

The Faisalabad tower and its eight bazaars (markets) stay a significant mercantilism zone within the city.

Every of the eight bazaars encompasses a special name and is understood for selling certain product.

The Punjabi individuals celebrate a spread of cultural and spiritual festivals throughout the Punjab region, like arts and craft, music, native events, and spiritual celebrations. Faisalabad typically celebrates its legal holiday on fourteen August each year by raising the Pakistan flag at the tower within the Commissioner office compound. Bazaars are colourfully adorned for the celebration, government and personal buildings are brilliantly lit, and there are similar flag–raising ceremonies that are generally control within the district and its tehsils.