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Agility Pakistan: devoted professionals for unique challenges

Agility is one of the world’s largest integrated logistics providers with an enterprise wide headcount of more than 22,000 employees and operations in over 100 countries.

Agility Pakistan is a leading logistics provider in the country with 700+ employees in 08 branch offices. Since 2006, we have focused on offering our customers truly personalized end to end services and flexible solutions tailored to meet their individual business needs, supported by a comprehensive network of warehousing facilities, transportation, records management and freight management services. Our customers span a range of industries such as FMCGs, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Apparel, Fashion, Chemical, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Government, E-commerce and Banks


1- Freight Forwarding
  • Air Freight

Our Air Freight service in Pakistan allows customers to have ideal balance between time, space, frequency and cost. We are partners with premier air carriers. Our long standing relationship and commitment helps us deliver the space allocation, on-time service performance, and flexibility as per customer’s demand. Our major Air Freight hubs are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Sialkot.

  • Ocean Freight

As one of the leading Ocean Freight forwarders in Pakistan, Agility concentrates on a portfolio of major global carriers to ensure the space, sailings and transit time that you require from import to export, we offer you a range of reliable and attractive services around the globe. We offer reliable and attractive FCL connections as well as global LCL consolidated product. Our main gateways are Karachi Port and Port Mohammad Bin Qasim, both becoming increasingly important for traffic to Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and United States.

2- Custom House Brokerage

Having our own custom clearance license and in-house expertise, Agility Pakistan offers truly personalized services to its customer at all major Airports and Ports of Pakistan. Our expert team guarantees timely clearance for import and export cargo and advises customers on various queries related to custom duties and taxes. As a market leader, we adhere to the best industry practices and standards throughout the clearance process. We have been classified as an ‘A’ class CHB agent with an excellent track record, our specialized and dedicated team of professionals is deployed across all the major airports and seaports in Pakistan.

3- 3PL Warehousing

Agility’s warehousing capabilities offer complete inventory management and innovative solutions bringing efficiencies and cost savings. With a Warehousing footprint of over 1.8 million sq. ft, we take pride to be among the leading players operating in a country. With best of breed WMS Exceed 3.9, modern state of the art infrastructure, advanced systems and technology and provision of high quality large-scale warehousing, we provide you what you seek in order to manage your inventory efficiently. With flexibility in facility size and type, we are able to select an existing site or setup what you need for optimal proximity. From the acquisition of spare parts and replacement to purchasing, ordering and quality control, we manage the materials and products necessary to keep your business running smoothly.


4- Distribution

In line with our motto of offering customized supply chain solutions to our clients, Agility Pakistan’s distribution service has been specifically developed in accordance with strict SOPs wherein, our teams operate under a complete organogram. The distribution service involves the complete procession of inventories with storage in accordance to MSDS. The goods are redistributed at a retail or customer level within the allocated territory through the means of distribution vans.

5- Fleet Management

Agility local experts understand the need of the current dynamic environment and use their collective experience to provide value added services. Agility has long-lasting experience in cold chain logistics, combined with efficient equipment for temperature controlled transportation and temperature recording, and the ability to provide individual distribution solution.

6- Bulk Liquid Transportation

Tristar, a division of Agility is an integrated liquid logistics company serving the petroleum and chemical industries by providing bulk liquid transportation services. Established in 1998, Tristar’s headquarter is based in the UAE and its operations currently extend to 13 countries across the globe.

The fleet size of this division in Pakistan comprises of 126 Lorries with operations expanding across all major cities of the country. Truck capacity of vehicles ranges between 45-50 KL (kilo liters) for fuels and 20 MT for chemicals. Tristar’s service offering also includes direct delivery for tanker discharges, jet A-1 bridging operations for the aviation industry and clearing and forwarding activities. 24×7 track and trace facility is also available for customers.


7- Specialty Solutions
  • Bonded Warehouse

Agility Pakistan is proud to offer yet another line of service to our customers. This bonded warehouse located at Port Qasim aims to reduce dwelling time at the port, Speed of services, SGS inspection are allowed to be done at the warehouse. The main feature is inclusive of importers not having to pay any type of import duty on products traded or purchased internationally. This can save the importers money and keep finances stable.

  • Records Management

Regardless of industry, company size, or the condition of information, Agility Pakistan offers a solution using industry leading technology which helps businesses streamline their important documents by sorting inclusive of both physical and e-storage, scanning, protecting and delivering what they need on a timely basis with security and efficiency. Our experts work to deliver a customized solution that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day operations and delivers exceptional value by applying integrated approach to records in both physical and digital formats.

  • 4PL

Agility has introduced 4PL services where customers will utilize Agility’s forte in terms of logistics to make their business more efficient and steady. Our experts work to provide a resolution where a customer will partake everything of their own and consume our expertise only.

  • Fairs & Events

Agility Fairs & Events is one of the world’s leading exhibition forwarding specialist, handling more than 1,000 major trade fairs, exhibitions, and events each year. We ensure that any situational hindrances must not cause our event to pause. Our experts have a proven track record of delivering fair, concert and exhibition materials on schedule and budget.

  • Project Logistics

Being a top global logistics service provider, we conduct business in the most straightforward scenarios, as well as the world’s most challenging environments. Our project’s logistics team is always on the move, whether you are a small or large enterprise, our aim will remain the same: to provide you an excellent partnership, along with proven projects handling expertise to create solutions that accommodate the most dynamic and category specific markets.

  • Defense & Government Services

Governments, international organizations, relief groups and defense forces need partners who can move quickly to solve logistics challenges, especially in demanding environments. Agility Defense & Government Services (DGS) bring unmatched expertise and innovation to supply chain management, logistics and procurement in support of defense and peacekeeping missions, government programs, and humanitarian and relief efforts.

  • Packing & Relocation Services

Our emerging markets footprint assists us in managing moves in remote and challenging environments as well as traditional city and suburban settings. Agility provides complete and tailor-made solutions for relocation and packing services that help our client in hassle free movement of their goods and belongings. We are a licensed ocean and air freight forwarder with unmatched purchasing power that enables us to offer the lowest rates, selected routing and quicker transit.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR commitments benefit the communities where we work, contributing towards a cleaner planet, adding a keen sense of pride and unity among our employees, at the same time shaping strong bonds with key customers, shareholders, and government entities.

Agility Pakistan has been in a valuable partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) since 2010. We take regular initiatives to organize quarterly activities, awareness sessions, and a series of academic workshops for the lesser privileged students of TCF. Our key CSR priority area includes,

  • People
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Fair Labor
  • Health & Safety
  • Community Investments
  • Humanitarian & Emergency support
  • Logistics Program (HELP)

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