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Pakisan on right track to become regional economic power

Pakisan on right track to become regional economic power

Interview with Mr Lal Dino Mari Baloch — Chief Executive Bizz & Trade International Limited Hong Kong

Profile: Mr. Lal Dino Mari Baloch was born in Khairpur Mirs in a political/landlord family. He got involved in business rather than joining politics. Mr. Baloch has over 30 years business experience in various fields. He is the Chief Executive of Bizz & Trade International Ltd (BTI) and few other companies. Under his leadership, BTI has been successfully providing consultancy services besides trading natural resources, energy products, agriculture commodities and electronic products between Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Mr. Baloch was recommended by the Government of Pakistan and it was sponsored by the Netherlands government in 1991 and was the youngest representative among 116 delegates from 56 countries. Mr. Baloch has led various delegations from China mainland and Hong Kong to Pakistan especially to solve the energy crisis in Pakistan.

Mr. Baloch has tremendous record to encourage overseas investment to Pakistan. Mr. Baloch is currently serving as an Honorary Investment Counsellor, Government of Pakistan in Hong Kong to encourage overseas investment into Pakistan. He is the Chief Executive of Baloch Holdings (UK) Limited. He is the Chief Executive of BASO TECHNOLOGIES in Hong Kong, which provides Hi-Tech services to various governments across Asia.

PAGE: How would you describe the celebration of Independence Day in Hong Kong?

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: All overseas Pakistanis and some invited local officials celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day very warmly. Pakistani community has PAKISTAN CLUB, where celebration takes place. In the morning, the flag hoisting ceremony takes place and the national anthem is played. The Honourable Consul General of Pakistan delivers his key note speech to the participants. Later on all the community members mingle with each other and share their ideas to develop the nation’s participation in local affairs. Tea and snacks are served to everyone and the entire community manages the event with patriotism.

PAGE: Kindly give your views on the use of flags and ancillary products during Independence Day events?

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: The Pakistani community is thrilled on the day of Pakistan Independence Day. Everyone including children carry Pakistani flags and have other accessories which make the day eventful. Pakistani families gather and have great time during the Independence Day celebrations. Participants including kids repeat the phrases LONG LIVE PAKISTAN and LONG LIVE CHINA. Local Pakistanis are very much Pro-China and our relations between two countries are deepened and more than brothers.


PAGE: Has Pakistan changed over the period of last seven decades?

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: Pakistan has seen many ups and downs in the past seven decades due to geopolitical problems. I would say Pakistan has learnt a lot from the past as a vast experience. Currently the nation has been educated and experienced due to previous ups and downs. Today each of single Pakistani is well aware about international scenario and local issues. Hence it is a plus point to lead the country towards a dynamic future. The youngsters and the students are the future of our country. Their vision is prosperous Pakistan and such vision is due to last seven decades of experiences. The current government has taken bold decisions and the country is moving on a right track. Bad patches happen even in developed countries but the people of Pakistan are sure now that the dynamic economic growth is there in the near future.

PAGE: Your views on the economic prosperity of Pakistan:

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: As I said earlier that Pakistan is on a right track now. Pakistan has initiated good ties with global powers. Security is the best vis-à-vis the previous years. Such positive initiatives by the Government of Pakistan have encouraged global powers and investors to avail the mega opportunities in different projects in Pakistan.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one of the successful multi projects investment. Recently the investors trust has been built up and lots of delegations from various countries are visiting Pakistan. Such indicators show that economic prosperity of Pakistan will be result-oriented and Pakistan will be the regional economic power in the coming years.

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