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Marketers Have Yet to Embrace Snapchat

by Sarah Feldman, 

Instagram is having its moment in the marketing limelight. A new study from Social Media Examiner found that nearly three-quarters of marketers they surveyed are working with Instagram, a 7-point increase from last year’s report. The ‘gram was the only platform to see a significant jump in usage, with YouTube registering a modest 4-point increase in reported use.

Marketers interest with Instagram may be somewhat motivated by the significant jump in the referral traffic coming from the image oriented social network. According to Merkle, Instagram experienced a 114 percent increase year-on-year in its referral traffic. Instagram is also one of the few social networks whose reported user base is growing, an appealing fact for marketers.

Snapchat and Twitter both saw a decrease in the share of marketers reporting use, with Twitter showing a 3-point dip and Snapchat dropping down 2-points, a significant dip for a platform that barely registered interest with marketers last year.


Infographic: Marketers Have Yet to Embrace Snapchat | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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