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Forge unity – need of the hour

Pakistan needs unity and harmony. The need for national unity and brotherhood had increased substantially in the current turmoil situation of the country. For the country’s economic and social progress the people of the country need to work together for the solidarity of the country. Pakistan does not lack in talent, we need to be united in order to achieve the goal of becoming the leading nations of the world.

Pakistan has produced great intellectuals and scientists who are globally and nationally recognized. Pakistan cannot compete with the developed nations without outshining in the field of science and technology.

Terrorism in the country can only be uprooted once we join hands united against the common enemy. Militants have attacked the future of the country and should not be spared at any cost. Collective efforts will soon bear fruit and Pakistan will emerge victorious against militant elements that are not only a threat to us, but to global peace.

Pakistan must implement strict national security measures in letter and spirit. The unity of Muslim community was need of the hour as people could better play their role for progress, prosperity and stability of the country through unity and harmony.

Pakistan is an outcome of the benefaction of Sufi saints and we can protect the solidarity of the country by following their teachings. Sufi saints have rendered valuable services for the humanity and unity of the Muslim Ummah in Indo-Pak subcontinent, so guidance should be sought from their teachings. Today the country was facing the threat of terrorism, which could be countered following the teachings of the saints.

The world has been transformed into a global village wherein interests of various countries are associated. The formation of several international unions is to enable various countries help coordinate with each other effectively. The only rational thing to do is to arouse goodness; love and affection get fully against those groups that are affiliated with evil.

Materialist and imperialist currents have led wars, occupations and destruction and still pose a great threat to humanity. If the Islamic world wished to emerge as a power, stable and prosperous bloc among the comity of nations, it must act as one. The importance of unity has become more important in the current scenario. Absence of unity is preventing a common voice being heard from the Islamic world.

These divisions have left innocent Muslims at the mercy of others and unprotected. Helpless women, children and old people in many countries like Syria, Palestine, Bangladesh, and Myanmar etc. are all waiting for their brethren to save them from persecution. These innocent people are the responsibility of the Islamic world more than anyone else.

We must not forget that Islam orders Muslims to forge unity among their ranks. Allah has ordered Muslims to strive together if they are wronged. We need to wage a hard struggle and get united against injustice and violence of human rights. It is high time Muslims formed an alliance on the lines of the European Union envisaging broader economic, political, military, social and cultural collaboration.


Pakistanis have responded in a miraculous manner to the tragic earthquake that killed tens of thousands of their countrymen and made over 2.5 million homeless.

Thousands of civilians mobilized to lend a helping hand in relief efforts, digging victims out of the rubble with bare hands. Hundreds of doctors, both inside the country and abroad, left their lucrative practices to volunteer medical care in makeshift hospitals.

Contributions worth millions of dollars were flown in from better off Pakistanis around the world. Children handed in their small savings to help their less fortunate counterparts in the earthquake affected areas. Islamist and secular NGOs, as well as doctors with different religious, political and ethnic backgrounds set aside their differences in extending humanitarian assistance.

Pakistanis have seldom failed to demonstrate national unity in the face of adversity. At the time of the nation’s birth in 1947 and again at the time of the 1965 war with India, Pakistan’s civil society rose to show its potential for dealing with accidents.

In the present tragedy as well as in the case of those two earlier occasions, Pakistan’s professional soldiers also demonstrated their courage. We must acknowledge the dedication of the Army aviation helicopter pilots for running humanitarian strikes notwithstanding bad weather. Officers and Army jawans have also made an immense contribution in digging out the dead and helping the survivors.

Moments of national unity brought about by shared hardship should also serve as occasions to assess a nation’s institutions. Unity is the essential need of the hour to tackle the challenge of terrorism and non-state actors. War on terror will continue till its logical end. Armed forces, police and law enforcement agencies played a crucial role in the war against terror.

Modern technology is indispensable to deal with the crimes on the scientific basis. International lobbies including India never wanted to see Pakistan as a politically and economically stable country, for which they keep hatching conspiracies to ignite religious and sectarian violence in Pakistan.

Pakistan has successfully launched the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. India spent sleepless nights after its launch. The project is an ample proof of everlasting friendship between Pakistan and China. India is still hatching conspiracies to sabotage the project, as it was hard for it to digest the great project in Pakistan.

There is the need for unity in the Muslim Ummah to foil the international anti-Islam conspiracies. It is high time for the Muslim world to forge unity among its ranks and avoid their differences for the glory of Islam. Non believers wants to sabotage the peace of the Muslim Ummah by hatching anti-Islam conspiracies.

Islam presented a global system of foolproof security and peace. The terrorists had no religion, as every religion of the world gives the lessons of love and peace and respect for humanity. The present wave of terrorism was a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah. It is a need of the hour to forge unity in our ranks.

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