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Hamdard laboratories (WAQF) Pakistan

Hamdard, means “Co Sharer in Suffering”, was started in Delhi in 1906. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, established Hamdard Pakistan in 1948. Since then, Hamdard is a household name in Pakistan and millions of people of last three generations have had their health improved, their pain relieved, and many problems alleviated by this institution.

Hamdard’s central structure is based in Karachi, Pakistan, where all the herbal products are manufactured in modern plants. Besides, Hamdard has well equipped factories in other big cities of Pakistan too.

Hamdard has almost six hundred (450) Herbal Products in the wide category of

HERBAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, HERBAL MEDICINES, NATURAL SYRUPS and COSMETIC products etc. Rooh Afza is one of the most popular products by Hamdard since 1907. It perceived as legendary natural syrup of The East which is the choice of the world as it is. Hamdard has been receiving the best export trophy for the consecutively since 1997 for the export of Rooh Afza, as well, other prestigious awards of national and international level.

In Hamdard, the herbal preparations are made on the principles of the Greco-Arab system of medicine. Hamdard is engaged in the production of a large number of herbal products. For quality products Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food Quality and Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 and the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 have been implemented in Hamdard Laboratories.

Naunehal Herbal Gripe Water, Suduri, Miswak Hamdard Peelu Toothpaste, Safi, Sualin, Carmina, Masturin, Sharbat Faulad, Tunsukh, Joshina, variety of syrups, electuaries, stimulating medicines and tonic are very popular at home as well as abroad. Hamdard’s research and development division is constantly working on the preparation of new patent medicines. Well-known patent medicines are Khuban, Endemali, Jigarine, Icterene and many others. Hamdard Laboratories has also introduced the most advanced packing methods in the country that include Blister packing, sachet pack and PET bottle. www.hamdard.com.pk (for detail information)

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