Hepatitis – Pakistan & Gulf Economist http://www.pakistaneconomist.com Pakistan's Business Financial Magazine Sat, 20 Jul 2019 17:47:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.1.1 Lack of health care services in govt hospitals http://www.pakistaneconomist.com/2018/07/23/lack-of-health-care-services-in-govt-hospitals/ http://www.pakistaneconomist.com/2018/07/23/lack-of-health-care-services-in-govt-hospitals/#respond Sun, 22 Jul 2018 19:38:29 +0000 http://www.pakistaneconomist.com/?p=18372 Poverty stricken people in Pakistan who cannot afford to pay private hospitals bill opt for government hospitals for their treatment but the condition in most of the government-run hospitals is very much miserable which in turn highly affects lower and middle class population’s health with an unhealthy and unsafe atmosphere. Insects roaming inside the hospitals …

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Hepatitis C: a major challenge in Pakistan http://www.pakistaneconomist.com/2018/01/01/hepatitis-c-major-challenge-pakistan/ http://www.pakistaneconomist.com/2018/01/01/hepatitis-c-major-challenge-pakistan/#respond Sun, 31 Dec 2017 21:25:43 +0000 http://www.pakistaneconomist.com/?p=13014 The number of patients suffering from Hepatitis C virus (HCV) disease continues to rise and the disease is becoming a major health hazard. Pakistan has the world’s second highest prevalence of Hepatitis C while Egypt occupies the first position in the prevalence of Hepatitis C. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, an estimated …

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