Nov 19 - 25, 2012

The Habib Bank is just not a name of bank but it's a history in itself-a golden history in the banking industry, which has earned a good reputation around the globe. The persons attached with this industry were taken in high esteem and full advantages were taken of their capabilities. Habib Bank has given many leading personalities in banking sector, who have earned good reputation and introduced country in the banking industry of the world.

Habib Bank itself is a symbol of Pakistan. It was established soon after the creation of Pakistan. Habib Bank is the first commercial bank of Pakistan, which was established in a 1947 and became popular soon after its establishment and still itís a popular bank of Pakistan. Habib Bank is having more than five million account holder and serving them with utmost care and responsibilities.

Habib Bank was nationalized in 1974 but its services remained popular as it never allowed any kind of lacking in its services. Habib Bank Plaza was built in 1972 on the occasion of bank's silver jubilee, which is a beautiful and one of the highest buildings of Pakistan. Habib Bank is providing its services around the world. The first ever overseas branch of the bank was opened in Sri Lankan capital Colombo and by the 2010 Habib Bank was having its branches in twenty five countries of the world.

In Pakistan it is operating 1450 online branches and almost 275 ATMs to serve customers well. Habib Bank has earned AA rating for long term and A1+ for short term rating.

Pakistan's economy is largely dependant on agriculture as it is an agricultural country. However it remained a neglected sector for until recent past. But now government is giving full attention to agriculture. Following the government, private and public sector banks are also giving attention to agriculture sector and Habib Bank is one of the leading banks in this sector. Habib Bank has tried its best to help for the progress and stability of the country since its inception and it has proved its worth in agriculture sector, too. Habib Bank is having the biggest network in agriculture banking. 850 agri leading branches are working in the important agricultural areas of the country. Some 350 agricultural graduates are serving in these branches. Habib Bank had disbursed loans of Rs 29 billions for various agricultural schemes in the year of 2008 alone. Habib Bank also introduced Crop Loan Insurance to protect poor farmers from total loss in case of any calamity. The bank had conducted many seminars, training session etc to provide farmers with maximum information about agriculture.

Apart form this, bank is also holding Kisan Mela, annual Mela Mawaishi on various occasion. Habib Bank is also helping farmers in many ways from seeding to give their produces access upto the world markets. Thus the speed of progress is accelerating and Habib Bank is just not playing an important role but has also proved to be a. means for the economic activities in the country. Majority people of Pakistan are living in villages, where they are mostly dependant on agriculture. They are very poor and are facing financial problems. These poor farmers are facing financial problems at almost ever stage of farming from purchasing seeds, fertilizer, pesticides etc. Before agricultural banking these farmers were forced to mortgage their every thing to landlords of the areas for farming. Thus they remain indebted to the landlords for almost their life. But now time has changed as many organizations are taking interest in agriculture sector. After the birth of God gifted Pakistan, Habib Bank vowed to support its people in all aspects of life for the prosperity and progress of the country and this journey is written in the history with golden words.

Habib Bank, at every stage, remains in its country's agrarian prosperity. Farmers get loans on easy terms for their needs; they are being helped to sell their yields in better markets, staff of the bank exists in almost all the villages, meets people engaged in farming and they do not only hear their problems but also try to solve them at the earliest. The high officials of the bank also attend the agricultural programs organized time to time by the bank and give useful advise to make these program successful. Habib Bank has honor that it remains active in every walk of life. It does not only perform financial activities as it is a financial institution, but also remains active in educational, sports, agricultural and textile sector.

In case of any natural disaster in the country, Habib Bank always takes its special volunteer activities over and does its best for the welfare of the people. If there is earthquake in the country, Habib Bank stands with the countrymen in need and works tirelessly for their betterment. The Spates come when weather changes, fast melting of glaciers and heavy rains, which overflows our rivers inundating huge areas and destroying what comes in its way, killing the people living in these areas. Habib 8ank always comes forward to help these unfortunates.

We discussed about agricultural promotions of Habib Bank in this section. Habib Bank is also taking many steps for the welfare of farmers; it disburses various types of loans to them so they can make their yields more profitable by the help of these loans, makes the economic back bone of the country stronger and also makes their own life stable. Due to these steps of: Habib Bank these farmers are more aware about necessities of life. They now know about the importance of education and want to send their offspring to the educational institutions, "they are now aware about treatments of their diseases and many aspects of life so that they can live more comfortable life. The present government is taking more interest in agriculture sector and bringing many reforms to agricultural sector. Our country's land is very prolific; some of the World's finest quality yields are produced in Pakistan, which includes various varieties of rice, cotton and vegetables. But we suffered huge losses of foreign exchange because of unavailability of proper system to sell these precious yields in international markets. Now, thanks to the Habib Bank, which has made the process of sawing of seeds till harvesting and selling it on international markets very easy for the farmers and investors, making our economy to flourish on both national and international forums. The role of Habib Bank is conceived more important for the prosperity of Pakistan, which is crystal clear.