Research Analyst
Nov 12 - 18, 2012

Youth are a major human resource for development and effective agents of positive social change. Harnessing their ideals, enthusiasm and creativity, with supporting technological innovation, will greatly contribute to meeting the Pakistan's development.

Youth everywhere are being positively and negatively affected by an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. One important driver has been the revolution in information and communication technology (ICT) which has shrunk the world in time and space and created a global cyber-culture that is testing traditional ideas and national values. By allowing access to information and ideas, ICT is empowering and engaging youth. These ongoing, far-reaching changes present new challenges and exciting opportunities for all societies, especially in building capacities for youth to participate in all spheres of society.

Expanding choices and opportunities and building the human capital required for advancing Pakistan towards a diversified knowledge based society will require greater focus, coordination and investment of resources in country's youth.


AGE GROUP 2015 2020
00-04 22.76 23.28
05-09 21.33 22.35
10-14 20.07 21.24
15-19 20.12 20.01
20-24 19.80 20.05
25-29 17.13 19.71

The present economic situation of Pakistan can be defined as a disappointing that needs to be provided with a proper foundation in order to create a stronger building. One of the major problems that need immediate attention is the alarming low rates of employment. Due to this the country is receiving low GDP per capita income forcing its residents to live below poverty lines.

Special attention needs to be provided by the Government and there is a need of a release of funds in the form of Government expenditure especially in the private sector which would create greater job opportunities for its residents and would not only increase their individuals' income but would also create a multiplier effect and thereby increasing the GDP of Pakistan.

No doubt, the country is blessed with an innovative, capable and hard working youth however unfortunately due to the unavailable or limited financial resources many of them are unable to pursue their innovations. Such individuals especially the newly graduated youth should be provided with different micro-financing and debt services techniques such as collateral free loans which would provide them with a foundation to cater to their ideas. This also would not only decrease burden of the unemployed population in the economy but would also aid in GDP growth.

For the promotion of foreign direct investments (FDI) economic zones need to be established in different areas of the country. This also caters to the problem of unemployment since such developments would provide employment opportunities to the local residents. However in order to prevent any exploitation from the international investor, the Government needs to establish strict regulations for the protection of the domestic resources.

An efficient and productive innovation may also lead to an increase the country's economic development. Also initiating different youth cultural exchange programs can lead to an inflow of individuals across the globe to come to Pakistan which would not only improve the image of the country but would also support the critically damaged tourist industry and hence further increasing the GDP growth rate.

Recently, At least 70 thousands of Pakistanis have made the world record in singing our national anthem together at Punjab Youth festival 2012.

On the other hand, the corruption and corrupt practices are indicative of breaches in the Governance edifice. They pose serious threats to the sanctity of ethical and democratic values and weaken administrative, political and social institutions. The issues of corruption, poverty and governance are cross cutting.

These issues, put together, form an integral part of the development literature.

The Youth have the perception to more strengthen the judiciary, rule of law, discouragement of nepotism and favouritism in the society.

In addition to this, Pakistan's educational system does a poor job of preparing young people for the workforce or teaching them to think critically. Although, Civil Society Support Programme has initiated the empowering the voice of a new generation programme, provided the youth of Pakistan with opportunities to interact with the concerned citizens, political, social and human rights activists, lawyers, writers, researchers, elected representatives and government officials to have discussions and debates on core issues and their cause and effects on the overall society. There are currently over 350 VNG members, with membership now open for interested and active youths and plans to spread to more districts throughout Pakistan.

According to UNDP Pakistan, about 103 million Pakistanis fall under the age of 25 years which amounts to roughly 63 per cent of the total population. The median of the Pakistani population is around 21 and at present around two-thirds of the Pakistanis are less than 30 years old. This growing youth bulge has been termed the demographic dividend of the country, whose capabilities when fully utilized, can contribute to economic growth, progress and transformation of Pakistan. This window of opportunity is believed to be open until 2045 because the Pakistanis population will start aging thereafter. In order to reap maximum benefits from the immense capabilities and growth potential of the youth, it becomes necessary to closely examine the issues related to the youth of the country in order to analyze youth aspiration and desires associated with a progressive Pakistan.