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Oct 8 - 14, 2012

Presently, UBL serves the people of Pakistan with pride and integrity. Throughout its history, UBL became the first bank in Pakistan to have a branch overseas - on William Street in London, United Kingdom in 1963.



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Profit after taxation


In 1967, UBL had hit the dawn on information in terms of technology, by introducing computer banking to Pakistan and in 1971, UBL once again paved the way by launching 3 online branches in Karachi.

The newly formed state of Pakistan was witnessing the boom of industries and commerce - cannoned by a bank that believed in the potential growth of Pakistan. Small wonder then, by 1978, UBL had a pledged economic department, had acquired two international banks. UBL also launched supervised credit and small loan schemes for small to medium sized firms as well as agriculture and had made for itself; a strong international presence for UBL had branches in four continents.

The Bank has kept pace with- and often exceeded the changing needs of changing times. UBL introduced Pakistan's first credit card, the unicard in 70's and left its mark by launching the Pak Rupees traveler cheques in 1971.

In the 1990's the Government of Pakistan decided to change the face of banking by creating a blueprint to privatize UBL. The Government privatized the bank in the year 2002. UBL is now part of one of the world's largest financial services groups.

Staying true to its roots, UBL was also the first bank to have an Islamic banking division and the first to introduce e-banking facilities at Hajj. The Bank was awarded the Islamic banking branch license by the State Bank of Pakistan in December 2006. UBL ameen business account is a Mudarabah based investment account which aims at providing the necessary tools to individuals and corporate customers to transact their entire business activities in an easy manner across Pakistan. The Product is a viable alternative for those account holders who require value added benefits on current account to support their business activities.

The Bank finances new businesses and assist existing businesses to expand. The Bank's strong financial strength and profitability provide the financial highlights to their customers. During the half year ended June 30, 2012, UBL has achieved a profit after tax of Rs 9.3 billion. This is 39 per cent higher than the corresponding period last year and translates into earnings per share of Rs. 7.61. During the same period, UBL's profit before tax is Rs 13.8 billion, 35 per cent higher than the same period last year. The Bank has been able to grow its balance sheet by 10 per cent over December 2011 mainly due to growth in deposits. Deposits increased from Rs. 613 billion in December 2011 to Rs 685 billion in June 2012, reflecting an increase of 12 per cent, while the domestic CASA ratio improved over December 2011 levels. Net advances increased by 10 per cent over December 2011 to reach Rs 358 billion in June 2012. The return on average assets improved from 2.1 per cent for 2011 to 2.3 per cent for the first half of 2012 whilst return on equity increased from 23.7 per cent in 2011 to 26.1 per cent for the first half of 2012.

The Bank's total expenses grew by 4 per cent QoQ and were 15 per cent higher compared to H1'11. Nearly half of this increase was a result of the bank's investments in its new core banking system and omni branchless banking, the full impact of branch expansion during the latter half of 2011 and the impact of the 7 per cent Rupee devaluation on international business expenses.

UBL omni dukaans are located in more than 600 plus cities and towns across Pakistan. This is a major milestone in the evolution of banking that will reshape the traditional banking model by offering basic banking services across urban and rural Pakistan, well beyond the regular branch networks of banks.

Customers across Pakistan can now open a UBL omni bank account at any UBL omni dukaan of their choice, whether close to their home or place of work.

UBL omni account holder will subsequently be able to deposit and withdraw cash, make utility bill payments, send or receive money, purchase mobile card vouchers, make postpaid mobile bill payment and much more by using diversified array of convenient channels which includes UBL netbanking/ WAP, SMS, contact centre or ATM.

UBL has always strived to consolidate itself as a conscientious and respected corporate citizen. The Bank recognizes its obligation to continuously improve its processes, systems, products and services in order to create value for the communities it operates in. Through time, the bank has endeavored to give back to the society in the form of programs and ventures that directly benefit and have an affirmative impact on the lives of local communities. Through a transparent and prudent CSR agenda, UBL aims to embrace its responsibility as a corporate citizen and encourage a positive impact via its activities aimed towards the betterment of the environment, consumers, employees, communities and all its stakeholders.


As economic situations become more conducive, the bank is selectively enhancing its lending to high quality customers while closely monitoring asset quality. It is estimated that the bank will continue to invest in technology and in non-traditional banking channels, in order to provide convenience and a superior service level to their customers.