July 9 - 15, 20

IBA is regarded as one of the most prestigious business schools in Pakistan. IBA was established in 1955 with initial technical support provided by the Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania. The University of Southern California later set up various facilities at the Institute and several prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA upon inception. IBA today offers a curriculum at par with international standards with faculty having trained from prestigious universities abroad as well as IBA.

The institute has since evolved launching various programs keeping in line with it's flagship business education. Today IBA offers BBA, BBA (Entrepreneurship), BS Computer Science, BS (Economics and Mathematics) MBA, MBA MIS, MS Economics, MS (Computer Science), Phd in Computer Science and Phd in Economics. IBA in 2009 launched the Executive MBA program in Banking and Financial Services, Corporate Managers and Public Sector Executives for mid career executives. IBA also offers National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) and Sindh Talent Hunt Program (STHP). To date, IBA has produced 8000 graduates through most the undergraduate and post graduate programs. Most of the Chief Executives and top management positions are in leading listed companies, corporations and banks are held by the alumni of IBA. With the quality of teaching and student intake, IBA graduates have worked and matched the performance of graduates with the most renowned business schools of the world and is considered the school of choice for most of the young men and women interested in careers and leadership in business. A large number of IBA graduates are working outside Pakistan in the Middle East, UK, Canada and the United States. IBA has 80 full-time and 85 part-time and visiting faculty members teaching courses in Management, Marketing, HR, Strategy, Finance, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Organizational Behavior, Computer Sciences, Ethics, Social Sciences including Chinese and Arabic. The faculty is drawn from two streams: academic and practical. The academic faculty mostly consists of those holding Doctorate or Master's degrees, while the practical faculty draws upon the large reservoirs of top leaders, chief executives, and or managers in the corporate sector.

IBA under the leadership of Dean, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, former Governor of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has formulated a 5 year strategic plan to make the institute among the top 100 global business schools and one of the top 10 regional business schools. In 2011, IBA was given the certification by South Asian Quality Assurance System which assures that the institute has benchmarked itself with leading global schools. This award has been given to Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) with 6 universities certified in India, making IBA among one of the top 10 business schools in South Asia. IBA is the only institution in Pakistan which stands as a parter of the CFA Institute, USA. In order to ensure IBA offers a competitive learning platform for the brightest minds in the country, the institute is investing heavily in construction and improvements at both the University and the City Campus located in Karachi with new admin blocks, class rooms, break out rooms, library, cafeteria, conference rooms, auditorium and sports facilities.

In order to stay connected and provide upto date information, IBA updates the alumni, current and perspective students with news and updates through Facebook on a regular basis. In addition, the facebook page is also used by the administration to answer questions perspective students may have. The placement office at IBA is active constantly informing students and alumni with regular job posts. Each IBA student and Alumnus are provided with an email and online access to review score reports, classes offered, registration, news and updates through an online portal accessible on campus and at home.

IBA graduates are the most sought after candidates to secure management positions and future leadership roles in the industry with the specialized training offered at the institute. With most of the faculty bring industry experience to the classrooms, this strategic advantage is considered a major strength of the institute. The faculty brings in market knowledge which keeps the students abreast with latest developments in the industry. The graduates face stiff competition to land career oriented jobs in competition with graduates and alumni of their own university. With IBA having a history of more than 5 decades and being the oldest business school in Pakistan, key management positions in most well reputed companies are today held by IBA alumni.

IBA Alumni are recognized in the industry to target careers in core business functions with a succession path leading to senior management position. With a strong students council and the capacity to engage students in various activities alongside education, students upon completion of the program put forward a strong application for a potential career. Coupled with market knowledge and the level of grooming inculcated in every student, IBA graduates are able to compete in the industry and land the most sought after careers.

A business school is also recognized with the accomplishments of the alumni. IBA alumni have held strategic positions in most companies as discussed earlier; however, there have been few who have been widely recognized in the industry for their leadership and career. To name a few, Mr. Asad Umar , Ex CEO of Engro Corporation Limited , Mr. Shaukat Aziz former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mr. Tariq Kirmani, former CEO Pakistan International Airlines and Pakistan State Oil, Mr. Marwat, a senior Civil Servant in Pakistani Bureaucracy and a graduate of Harvard University, Mr. Rohail Muhammad, current CFO Engro Corporation Limited, Mr. Mohsin Ali Nathani, Chairman and Non Executive Director at Standard Chartered Leasing to name a few.

Based on world university rankings, IBA has the direction and the determination to be recognized as a top business school in the world. The institute strongly encourages research based teachings e.g. MS and Phd having a high weightage in the ranking methodology. IBA has further plans to increase the number of Phd faculty each year with a larger student intake for the MS and Phd program focusing on research.

IBA offers an enabling a challenging environment for students and hopes to achieve its endeavors to be amongst the top 100 business schools in the world as per its strategic plan.