July 9 - 15, 20

TABANI'S SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY attained the status of a brand name in less than 2 decades in Pakistan, training hundreds of knowledge seekers in the areas of Chartered Accountancy (CA), ACCA, FIA, CIA, CIMA- all Accountancy related Certificate and Diploma programmes.

TSA today houses and trains, guides and counsels over 2000 students with over 6 Certificate Programmes (CA, ACCA, FIA, CIA, CIMA, Learning Module), 2 Refresher Courses (CA, ACCA), 6 Support Educational Services (I.Com; B.Com).The I.T. Department of TSA regularly offers internationally recognized Computer Training Certificate Courses (MS Office Automation; MCTS; CCNA) to its enrolled students; in-house staff and outside clientele. The LT. Department's hardworking team, headed by a most dynamic and highly qualified Zeeshan Haider also runs Training and Refresher workshops for Finance and Auditing companies, with CIMA software installation. This department not only works ceaselessly to maintain smooth flow of net services to its in-house users ( 55 work stations) but also manages 5 challenging Server responsibilities: PMG Server, Exchange Server, Domain Controller, SQL Server, Web Server. This responsibility becomes severely challenging in itself because of the number of snags our businesses suffer from, due to irregular flow of general utilities from the government, load shedding being one of many. All these academic and professional trainings are being conducted simultaneously, and perennially.

The Office, Administration, I.T. Department, Catering, B-Staff numbers upto 60 individuals. The Faculty which flits in and out on a typically busy day is 20 + each day.

Lets come to the crux of this talk: What keeps this organization, brimming with a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi- religious and multi- provincial workforce and student body ... together? What keeps TSA ticking, alive and striving towards a single, concordant goal; marching to a syncronized beat; fuelled by a common desire and drive to excel and compete in a competitive corporate market looking for ace- accountants. There are no discipline martials hounding the workforce; no prefectorial bodies overseeing the students activities; no supervisors forcefully implementing the rules and regulations in the labyrinthine corridors of this outwardly compact and mysterious edifice called TSA. But the windmill is turning- certainly not by windfall, and TSA is churning out qualified students who are ruling the roost in prestigious Audit Firms and Banks- certainly not by chance. All this is achieved through definitive teaching schedules, learning methods and some unbendable work plans. Who is synchronizing, monitoring, managing, organizing this show! Is it the man and the captain himself-SHARIF TABANI? Is there a tediously documented code of conduct which everyone is referring to for guidance and planning? Is it a Draconian regimen of accountability procedures and penalty measures? None of the above.

An environment of professional freedom, an attitude of matured self- discipline, personally propelled desire for excellence and integrity and commitment to responsibility prevails like an unforeseen power at TSA. The top management at TSA both intrinsically and expressedly appreciates, values and rewards these elements in its students and work team. TSA indulges its students, especially the senior, employed lot already functioning in the professional mainstream of this city, in the idea of practicing business ethics in an unethical world. Once inside the Nursery Campus, the visitor is surprised by an environment of humility and simplicity: the hallmark of a growing and throbbing institution like TSA. With no glamorous and showy architectural decorations as its attractive items, TSA and its reception staff welcomes and guides you to your desired Programme immediately.

TSA was opened principally as a training institute for Chartered Accountancy in 1998. Its precursor was an Audit Firm in 1991 with the name of Hasan Tabani and Company.

The rest is all history, only of a slightly unique pattern.