Apr 23 - 29, 20

The Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) in collaboration with Cambridge University is about to start its academic session from September this year for which the young people desirous of seeking world class business knowledge have applied for admission from all over the country. The first batch of 65 students for MBA degree has been finalized while selection of two remaining batches is under process.

At the moment, final touches are being given to KSBL Campus which has its own unique features with matching facilities of a world class campus and that will be operational in coming July 2012. The students at KSBL will have a worldwide outreach for sharing lectures of international experts through conferencing. Equipped with the most modern IT facilities, KSBL is investing heavily on IT infrastructure to facilitate the students as well as the teachers with the state of the art audiovisual system for an instant feedback globally.

For example, a student here in Pakistan can ask questions and virtually take direct participation in a classroom in U.S., UK, or Australia because of the telecommunication linkages. S/he would not feel appetite for studying abroad.

Hence, for KSBL's students distance does not matter in learning, as they would well be connected to any institution anywhere in the world. This most modern IT system would not necessarily be for lecturers abroad rather if the students feel that any business leader across the world can help in providing information they would have the facility to get that information from that business leader from different segments of the global economy.

The lecture theatre, class rooms and auditoriums, library, cafeteria, loungers etc. have been equipped with this facility so it would be a different seat of learning while the lecture theatres have been designed in a manner that facilitates the teacher to have interaction one to one with each and every student.

Being a national institution, KSBL would like to share the valuable information with students of other institutions by providing access to students of other institutions to international lectures. For example if we engage Bill Gates for a lecture with audiovisual link, the access to this linkage can be expanded to the interested universities to benefit their students with that lecture.

These were stated by Humayun Javed Khan, Head of Marketing and Communications at KSBL, who is contributing his best on his part to achieve the cherished goal set by KSBL of producing a cadre of capable and transformational leaders for the country and the region.

The new business school is to inculcate young corporate leaders with the current global management techniques and foster research culture to generate solutions for the practical issues being faced in Pakistan and elsewhere in the region, he explained.

There is no comprise in selection of the faculty of KSBL and each and every teacher will have a PhD degree from either international or local university. The faculty will have the choice to devote time and efforts either on teaching side or on research. However, preferably the certain amount of time will be devoted for teaching as well as on research projects. He revealed that the agenda of the research program is being finalized in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

The curriculum designed in collaboration with the Cambridge will help creating a crop of young leaders responding to international as well as domestic market needs, said Humayun.

Humayun Javed is an MBA in marketing and carries a 20-year cumulative experience in marketing management, corporate communications and PR, strategy, brand management, business development and sales to his credit. He has worked with multinational and national companies in the health care, aviation, and higher education and business support sectors and has managed numerous national and international assignments.

Mr. Humayun said that one of the most unique features of the curriculum is to focus on inducing high human values towards building up a sound social structure in our economic and business environment. This would help building up entrepreneurial approach of our students in such a way that if he joins any organization he would have the inspiring personalities to induce such social, moral, and ethical values among the co-workers.

This would be a beginning of strengthening a base of entrepreneurship that believes in ethics and moral values which certainly would have trickledown effects on the entire society, he observed.

The focus of the curriculum would be injecting entrepreneurial qualities among the students. It is the entrepreneurship that helps creating job opportunities for others through generating economic activity, he remarked.

Innovation strategically is yet another priority of curriculum. It is vitally important for economic sustainability for any economy or nation to focus on innovation. The KSBL programme has been structured in a way to create and capture new avenues that would help creation of new venues of business and opportunities, which is the need of the hour in view of the current state of affairs in overall socioeconomic landscape of the country.