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Forman Christian College (FCC) was founded in 1864 by Dr. Charles W Forman, a Presbyterian missionary from the USA. Initially known as the Lahore Mission College, the name was changed to Forman Christian College in 1894 in honor of the founder.

Today, FCC has over 4,000 students and 19 departments offering a variety of courses from 'A' Levels to Masters degrees with all teaching conducted in English.

Following three decades of government control, the FCC was returned to Church control in 2003. Christian and Muslim students study together at FCC as they prepare for responsible positions in the life of Pakistan. Academic excellence and the preparation of leaders who understand the value of service have been the hallmarks of education at FCC since 1864.

Widely regarded as one of the premier colleges on the subcontinent, FCC has distinguished itself through its remarkable graduates and the achievements of its faculty. Furthermore, FCC has built a reputation for providing outstanding education with innovation and pioneering work in its curriculum, admissions policies, and the rigor of its academic programs.

FCC's green campus in the heart of the city of Lahore offers a safe, quiet environment for students at all levels. With its renovation projects and new buildings, students are benefiting from the latest technology as it is incorporated into the curriculum and spacious, modern classrooms.

A new business and social science building was opened in late 2007 and a new science building in 2008. Both provide state-of-the-art technology and increased office space for faculty and classroom space for students.

FCC's new bachelor's program offers a western-style, world-class education to Pakistanis at tuitions that are affordable. Its generous financial aid program and scholarships for promising students make high quality education readily accessible.

Degrees were first awarded through Calcutta University. In 2004, Forman Christian College gained university status and it now offers baccalaureate, masters and M. Phil degree programs.

The college campus was originally located in Anarkali (Nila Gumbad) in downtown Lahore. There were four buildings on that campus by 1916, and Ewing Hall, built in 1916, is still used as a hostel today. In 1940, the college moved to its present campus on the scenic banks of the Lahore Canal. It soon became known as one of the best colleges on the subcontinent.

Among the college's distinguished alumni are two Presidents of Pakistan, a Prime Minister of Pakistan, a Prime Minister of India, the first Chief Justice of Pakistan, a president of the UN Security Council, numerous ambassadors, Chief Ministers, an Attorney General of Pakistan, and a Foreign Minister of Pakistan. There is an equally impressive list of leaders in the fields of education, law, medicine, arts, and entertainment. FCC also fostered the work of a Nobel Laureate, Dr Arthur Compton, who won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1927.

The college motto, "By love, serve one another" has been a guiding principle for Formanites throughout its history. During the time of Partition, the college converted two hostels into a hospital for refugees, thus starting United Christian Hospital. During the 1905 Kangra Valley earthquake, Dr JCR Ewing organized and led the relief effort. Similarly, the college did devoted relief work for survivors of the Quetta earthquake, this time under the leadership of Prof Jaqun Nath. In 2005, FCC again showed its devotion to service by organizing relief drives and fund-raising events for victims of the October earthquake.

With mission to impart, create, and disseminate knowledge and develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens, who are prepared to learn, lead and serve, who live by the college motto, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) operates all of its programs in accordance with the highest standards of excellence in education.

The educational programs are designed and implemented in accordance with world-class standards of accreditation. The college has begun the process of seeking accreditation with one of the six regional accrediting associations in the USA.


FC College is concerned with the development of the whole person, and therefore encourages the intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, emotional, and physical growth of each student. We seek to prepare students for the basic responsibilities of life, and especially for competent and humane leadership and service. The FC College experience is designed to help students go beyond the limitations caused by ignorance, narrowness, conformity, self-centeredness, and irresponsibility. Our goal is to help individuals achieve excellence in thought and conduct.


The faculty and staff of FC College seek to live by and to teach students the core values of the college. In a variety of different settings, students are asked to learn and live by these values beginning with signing a shared commitment document that highlights the practice of the core values on a regular basis.


The faculty of FC College is committed to student learning and helping students succeed in their studies and be well prepared for a meaningful and productive life after college. Students will form a close personal relationship with one or more members of the faculty, and this close student-faculty contact has been one of the strengths of FC College throughout its history. Faculty members provide assistance to students, as needed, outside of the classroom, and they do not charge tuition for this help. Indeed, their contract with the college prohibits faculty members from charging tuition for extra assistance.


While FC College is committed to helping students develop competence in a specific field, it is equally committed to general education. The general education program is designed to provide a foundation for lifelong learning by helping students to develop a love of learning. It prepares students for responsible citizenship by teaching them the lessons of history by creating awareness of their cultural heritage, helping them understand the causes of political and social unrest and the conditions for stable governance, and sustainable economic development.

Through studies in the humanities, the general education program seeks to help students explore various perspectives on the central concerns of human existence. The general education program is designed to help students to assume increased responsibility for their own growth and master the skills that are necessary to understand and deal with a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.


The baccalaureate and postgraduate degree programs of FC College are co-educational. FC College first admitted women in 1902, and it seeks to provide a learning environment in which both men and women can learn effectively and develop the character traits and personality that will enable them to succeed in later life. The core value of respect for the dignity of each human being is also an important consideration for creating a wholesome and positive atmosphere for learning by both men and women.


FC College seeks to prepare students for a lifetime of self-directed learning. This will be essential for success in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. The faculty models this commitment by constantly learning about new knowledge in their academic discipline, and by participation in a variety of professional development programs presented to them by the university management to help them learn new approaches to teaching and learning.


The preceding commitments reflect the commitment to provide an American-style education. The American system of university education is widely recognized as the very best in the world, and we seek no less than the best for Pakistan. The commitment is an approach to education rather than a statement about the specific content of the curriculum. At FC College, the role of the faculty and the students, the balance between the breadth of learning and the depth of learning (general education and a major field of study) and the structure of the program reflect best practices in American higher education.


Forman Christian College is ranked as a 'W' Category University by the HEC. It is also the only member of The Global Liberal Arts Alliance in all of Asia.

Liberal Arts Education: Forman Christian College is currently the only university in Pakistan offering a liberal arts baccalaureate education, which has the advantage of providing a good balance of depth and breadth of learning. This is done by ensuring that in addition their selected major, all Baccalaureate students take a minimum number of courses in humanities, physical and natural sciences, mathematics and information technology, and social sciences.

Depth of learning gives students the opportunity for career preparation; it teaches them to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems, and become lifelong learners. Breadth of learning provides the basis for students to understand modern issues as they develop to live a life of quality, have a healthy curiosity about the world and above all to be good citizens of their countries and the world.

Quality Faculty: With degrees from some of the best universities in the world, our faculty bring these international perspectives to the classroom. They encourage dialogue and questions and include technology, unique career experiences, and innovative techniques in their teaching.

Sports are Part of Life at FCC: There's a wide range of track, field and other sports for both male and female students at FCC. Outstanding student athletes are recognized with special awards. There is plenty of space and inviting facilities to keep you fit and having fun.

Excellent Academic Preparation: Formanites have pursued higher studies in the sciences, medicine, engineering, arts, and humanities, using the foundation of excellent education they received at Forman. The College provides strong preparation for its intermediate students to perform well on the BISE exams. The 4-year baccalaureate program provides a well-rounded experience modeled on American higher education standards, giving students grounding in the liberal arts as well as a chance to specialize in their chosen major field of study.

The College also offers an MBA and M.Phil/MAS/MA degrees in biotechnology, chemistry, economics, and public policy. These small and personalized programs are intended to provide individual attention and support for students interested in these disciplines.

English Medium: FCC is an English-only campus and we offer special classes for those who need extra English instruction. In addition, there are many ways to interact with native English speakers who are on campus as faculty or as visitors.

Career Planning is Part of Your Experience: The Career Planning staff are there to help you examine your interests and experience and to provide opportunities for students to explore many career opportunities.

A Remarkable Alumni Tradition: One of the hallmarks of a quality education is the accomplishments of its graduates. In this regard, FCC truly stands out. Formanites have made their mark in the world, whether in public service and government positions, education, foreign service, and diplomacy, business, or research

The vision of the college is to be recognized as one of the very best colleges in the entire subcontinent. This is in keeping with the distinguished reputation established during the first century in the life of the college

Forman Christian College has a comprehensive sports program. The sports facilities include an 8-lane standard 400m grass track, a short course (25m) swimming pool, six tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, cricket, football, hockey and handball grounds and a table tennis hall. There is also a gym for male students with manual equipment for bodybuilding.

Sports equipment is available from the Sports Office in Lucas Center throughout the day. Students need to deposit their membership card to borrow the equipment. Hostel students can borrow sports equipment for use on weekends.

Specialized training by eminent coaches is available after College hours.

Outstanding sportsmen get a chance to represent the College teams in the Lahore Board Inter-Collegiate and All Pakistan Universities Competitions. Outstanding performers in Board Inter-Collegiate, Inter-Varsity and other recognized tournaments are eligible for the award of Roll of Honor in Sports, the Henry Lall Sports Medal, the Scholar-Athlete award, the Shanky L. Sheets Sports Medal, the College Color, and Certificate of Merit.

FCC has regular clubs in the sports of athletics, badminton, basketball, bodybuilding, boxing, cricket, football, hockey, lawn tennis, racket squash, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, and weightlifting.