Apr 23 - 29, 20

Education is very purposeful in our life. Employers hire students with a high school diploma, university degree and master in different areas. The post secondary education's purpose for students is to choose a college or a university. For this kind of education purpose, students spend there almost four to five years of study at an institution of higher learning.

While choosing college, institute or university, one may find out more information on purpose of special education. It means a special education on a specific area. This starts with admission to the college or university in achieving the proper knowledge in a particular education field. This requires different kind of tests such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc. for admission to the college or university.

Today, a majority of new CPAs and CAs have achieved the postgraduate educational level and are being better prepared for an ownership society and serving more advanced clients who demand greater accountability.

Education is a key to fulfilling what one can do as CPAs and CAs. Technical skills and competence are one aspect of the purpose of CPA and CA education.

The purpose of education is to bring about physical, intellect, and social development of an individual. Education, simply stated, is not only the process of benefitting knowledge, learning forms of proper conduct and acquiring technical competency in a specific field but it also involves training the mind and imparting values that enable an individual to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

The process of education is conceived to begin in the mother's womb and it continues throughout one's life. It is a wrong concept that after 60s one should relax and does not acquire any sort of knowledge in any field to earn his own living and lead a respected life. We should take the lesson from those who even in old age learn Quran and Hadis. In the same regard, the education purpose should be that old people be given training in specific field so that they get employed in any good organizations.

Education is the process of gathering knowledge. It can never end as knowledge is infinite and one can never claim to have acquired all of it. It is a wrong concept that memory does not work effectively at old age but if one is encouraged and motivated s/he can gain memory and learn easily and benefit the society at large.

The fundamental purpose of education is to teach a person to read and write, that is to make him literate. It is through education that one learns about oneself and the world around. This is the basic purpose of education to make an individual aware.

The purpose of education is to imbibe moral values in individuals and their education, in turn, helps in the creation of a civilized society. Education gives one a deep understanding of living, making him capable of earning a respectable living.

Education helps an individual acquire social skills, which enable him to move with people around, maintain social relations, and mingle well with others in company. Education is an individual's instrument to flourish in society. As a part of the educational system, every individual learns with a group of other individuals of his age.

Throughout education, one is part of a more prominent group. These years expose him to competition. This is when an individual sees the worldwide and tastes both successes and failures. Education also helps in the building of social skills.

In Pakistan, the purpose of education of the students is to score more and more marks to get admission in a reputable university. This is encouraging students to cram, worship what they are learning, and reproduce what is written in their books. Pluto once told that that "Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind".

Bill Beattie, a famous author, believes that education should teach us how to think, rather than telling us what to think. Education does play a role in developing one's creative thinking skills and imaginative power.

Eric Hoffer, an American social writer, believes that the main purpose of education is to build a will and facility to learn. He believes that the purpose of education is to produce learning individuals and not necessarily learned ones.

Bishop Creighton, on similar lines, states that education should aim at creating people who continually ask questions. By this, he means to say that education should fuel one's thirst for knowledge.

Another purpose of education is that it creates good teachers. On acquiring education, one acquires the ability to impart his knowledge to the less well educated.

One of the purposes of education is to acknowledge one's intelligence. In Frank O'Connor's "Christmas Morning," Larry's mother believes that intelligence is the crucial part to the purpose of education.

However, in Dr Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, he said that "intelligence is not enough."

King believes there are other values equal with promoting intelligence for the purpose of education. Dr Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech states that "intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."