Apr 2 - 8, 20

If the pages of history are opened back, it is revealed undoubtedly that Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and the base of inception of Pakistan was 'Two Nation Theory', which has not been digested so far by India.

India has been attacking the same ideology of Pakistan since the last 65 years. Federal cabinet of Pakistan, retreating against the recent Indian attack, opened the market of Pakistan for 6000 Indian goods on February 29, 2012. The previous negative list of 1209 goods would also be abolished in December 2012 and India would acquire the status of MFN (most favored nation) for Pakistan for trading from January 1st 2013.

India was exporting 1958 items to Pakistan but no import duty more than five percent would be levied on any item imported from India. Pakistan had to pay this heavy cost because according to the federal minister for information, "Pakistan could succeed in WTO (World Trade Organization) due to support extended by India". The items of the negative list of import (to be abolished in December 2012) includes 16 items from agricultural sector, 385 from auto sector, 92 items of paper and paper board, 83 of pharmaceutical, 19 of rubber, 83 of plastic, 10 of surgical and 74 of textiles. Minister for information added that she, to protect local industry from any harm due to Indo-Pak trade, would compel India to abide by trade laws. She further added, "Neither Kashmir cause would be affected by this trade agreement nor any compromise will be made in this behalf".

Although secretary ministry of industries, showing his reservations for deleting some items from the negative list of import, said that industry would be damaged by doing so, surety was extended that industry would be protected at every cost.

During the cabinet meeting, it was suggested that the decision of deleting the items from the negative list should be postponed for five years but turning this suggestion down, it was decided that this process would be completed by the end of the current year.

The range of Pak enmity activities of India is spread from hurdles raised in Iran-Pak gas pipeline project, help extended to terrorists in Balochistan, and encouraging violence against Pakistan to cultural attacks on Pakistan.

Declaring India, in the perspective of incidents and circumstances, MFN is astonishing for world community and not less than a shock for every patriotic Pakistani. This decision of government of Pakistan is nothing but to ruin the economy of Pakistan completely.

If nasty and filthy items are included in import from India, it would not confine to the trade matter only but would convert into the attack on religious beliefs and 'Imaan' (Islamic faith) of Muslims. Extremist Hindus believe that cow is a holy animal. Similarly, its 'urine' and 'dung' are also sacred for Hindus while both urine and dung are most filthy things for Muslims. Importing edible items from the society having no concept of 'Haraam' (forbidden) and 'Halaal' (permissible), is clear violation of Islamic believes and teachings. Pakistan will not get any benefit through trade with India because of production cost in Pakistan is very high due to political instability, poor performance of governance, energy crisis, and sociopolitical unrest.

Exports from Pakistan to India would almost be nil. This possibility is proved with the facts and figures pertaining to Pak-India trade during first six months of 2011-12. During this period, trade volume remained in favor of India and Indian items dominated Pakistani goods. In accordance with the report extended by ministry of trade during July-October 2011-12, the goods worth $ 4300,000 were imported from India while Pakistan exported goods to India worth $900,000 only.

A net work has widely been spread throughout India woven by small industries established in the home surrounding, government laboratories, research centers, Gau-shallas (cow keeping places) and small and large units in which thousands of consumption items are being made with the blending of urine and dung of cow and they are exported to various countries of the world through prestigious and big marketing companies.

Neither any indication is left on the packing of such items through which it could be established that cow urine and dung are also the ingredients of packed items nor it is printed on packing that 'this product has made especially for Hindus to use'.

In Indian city of Bangalore, there is a big company situated on Bangalore Road in Ganga Pura post making various items on the large scale blended with cow urine and dung like beauty cream, Amla shampoo, tooth paste, tooth powder, mosquito sticks, Agar Battian (fragrance sticks) etc. Cow urine and dung is being sold at higher price than cow milk. Cow urine is being sold to Indian medicine companies at $3 per liter while dung at $2 per kg. Planning has also been done to mix urine and dung in allopathic as well as in herbal medicines. Indian companies are supplying 70 percent of the world counterfeited medicines.

An 'Ashram' (sacred house) was established some years back with the cooperation of a Hindu organization namely 'Protection of Cow Urine and Dung' where 6000 cows have been kept. The head of this organization is Raghu Varma who has engaged the villagers in dirty job of collecting urine and dung of these cows in the name of 'Dharam' (religion). Now, the ingredients found in cow urine are being claimed as substitute of two important allopathic medicines, Alkaline and Sprawl, so that cow urine may be sold on the large scale. It should be noted that an important research center (cow research center) has already got registered cow urine with US Patent to use it as one of the ingredients in Pharma Medicines. The ingredients of cow urine have been registered as anti-cancer element. At present, most of the anti-cancer medicines are being produced in India by cow urine and it is also a fact that most of the medicines imported or smuggled from India in Pakistan are anti-cancerous.

As a consequence of free trade with India, the flood of cow urine and dung based medicines is expected in Pakistani markets. Various trade agreements, after declaring India MFN, have been signed with India. With this trade policy of Pakistan, it would be impossible to stop the sale of Indian filthy and defiled goods.

Local actors and celebrities from different walks of life are presented for the publicity of filthy items, who impart upon the people that the secret of their impressive personality and success of live is due to use of these items.

Similarly, world-class sportsmen are also used for the publicity of these products. The leaders of extremist parties, on their billboards, are shown advising the use of these filthy and impure items. The famous manufacturing company of India Sanjivani Gaushala is also engaged in producing and supplying these items to various countries with the prefix 'Sanjivani' like Black Danta, powder, natural oil, Red Danta , shampoo etc. 'Pundits' (religious leaders) and politicians are the investors in these big companies.

Many well known 'Pundits' and politicians are the owners of ISKON Company. Ghanavati tablets produced in this company are breaking today all past sales records. These tablets, apart from purifying lever and blood, are used for mental and physical health. Cow urine is the base of these tablets. The same company is producing bathing soap with the name 'Angrag' in which the basic raw material is cow dung. This soap is claimed anti bacterial. Moreover, face powder and face creams are also being made with the name Tajasvini comprising 'Multani clay', cow fats, sandal, Neem leaves, as well as cow dung as main component. Kansankar hair oil is being prepared with mixing of cow urine. Shishu Rakshak (protector of child) is being produced as substitute of gripe water and pot-cleaning soap with cow dung.

Eighty percent sex medicines produced by India are being sold in Pakistani markets inclusive capsules, tablets, and sprays. These filthy sex medicines are being smuggled from Dubai and dumped in main medical centers of Karachi including Kachchi Gali, Nizamia Market, Burhan Center, Zeenat Market and Motan Daas Market. These filthy and impure medicines are being supplied specially in interiors of Sindh.