Mar 19 - 25, 20

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is redefining the established boundaries of Pakistan's telecommunication industry by taking its technological prowess and productivity levels to new heights.

From just a telephone company of yesteryears, PTCL has become today the only integrated telecommunications company of Pakistan. Its transformation process has been very comprehensive, touching its people, networks, services, processes, products, and revenues.

PTCL's core strengths are its vast infrastructure spread all over the country, its cutting-edge information and communications technologies, its ever-improving customer care network and services, its ever developing human resources, and its organizational outreach and segmentation.

In a global recognition of its outstanding progress, PTCL was conferred with the "SAMENA 2011 Best Telecom Operator in South Asia Award".

Growth comes from offering the right products and services at affordable and competitive rates to customers. Today, PTCL is the largest broadband service provider in Pakistan having 90 per cent market share in the world's 4th largest broadband market. PTCL 'EVO' won the "Consumer Choice Award 2010 for being the most innovative product.

PTCL is the first telecom operator in the world to commercially launch EV-DO Rev-B products. It has launched Pakistan's first ever 3G enabled tablet, as well as Pakistan's first 3G enabled Android Smart phone, IVIO Icon Pro, offering dual support for both EVDO and GSM/CDMA network.

According to the second nationwide Quality of Service 2011 survey conducted by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), PTCL is leading all operators in the country by providing to consumers the highest quality broadband internet service.

PTCL is the pioneer of launching IPTV services "Smart TV" with its own digital head-end. In the coming months, PTCL shall be the first operator in Pakistan that will bring the world greatest access Gigabit Passive optic network fiber technology, which will provide unbelievable internet speed.

While providing service is important, maintaining the quality of service is a bigger challenge. This belief is central to PTCL's customer services solutions. Hence, PTCL customer retention remains consistent through initiatives like Voice of Customer, One Stop Shops, Public Cash Payment Machines (PCPM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Business development activities in a saturated market having cutthroat competition are obviously a big challenge for PTCL. Thus, the telecom giant is constantly working to increase data bandwidths at reduced prices and offering voice and data services at corporate, wholesale and consumer levels. It is providing corporate solutions of Unified Communications, Data Centers, Telepresence, International Private Leased Circuit, Digital Cross Connect, and Multi-Protocol Label Switching, which enhance the efficiency of businesses.

PTCL is also focusing on branchless banking with the basic objective to provide its communication infrastructure integrating banks, telecom operators, and consumers.

PTCL has been investing $150-200 million annually, and its group investments are up to $400-500 million a year. For the fiscal year 2010-11, PTCL group's profit after tax stood at Rs8.4 billion. During the next five years, the PTCL group has made a commitment to invest Rs100 billion in to expand the broadband market of Pakistan. This represents PTCL's commitment for concise, clear-cut, focused, and long-term investment in Pakistan.

PTCL is fully aware of its mandate given to it by the stakeholders and the people of Pakistan. It is not only providing solutions to customers' needs but also generously contributing to revamp the education, environment, health, culture, and sports sectors in the country.

Pakistan's digital growth prospects have begun to look brighter, and PTCL is leading the country's broadband revolution from the front. It has played the role of catalyst in the exponential growth of Pakistan's broadband sector that has enabled the country to be ranked amongst the top countries with the highest growth rate in broadband internet. According to a new research, regions, where broadband penetration has been greater, have progressed twice as much compared to regions with no or little broadband.

PTCL has a responsibility to develop Pakistan's technology and data network, and contribute towards establishing the echo system conducive for the country's economic growth and social uplift. The telecom giant is moving in that direction. Its data networks will provide customers with e-commerce, e-health, e-education, e-banking, e-governance, e-management, e-entertainment etc.

In the coming years, the scope of telecommunications in Pakistan is going to be wider and the pace quicker, and PTCL is fully primed to facilitate that.