Research Analyst
Mar 19 - 25, 2012

The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) is one of the most prestigious engineering institutes of Pakistan. GIKI is known the world over for setting a standard of excellence in the field of engineering.

Over the years, the institute has produced bright and innovative graduates employed at some of the most respectable firms all over the world.

The institute aspires to be a center of excellence in engineering sciences and technology, which acts as an effective agent of change and a model for others to emulate. It is autonomous and independently chartered and funded by the private sector. It strives to attract faculty of outstanding talent and ability to provide the students a supporting and enabling environment. It hopes to produce graduates who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook and ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and organizational and managerial skills. Apart from its outstanding academic programme, the institute is also known for the versatility and vibrancy of its extra-curricular scenario.

Currently, GIKI has more than 20 student societies. These societies instill in their members the priceless qualities of teamwork and leadership. The graduate program at GIK institute is ensured to be of international standards and will constitute a significant step towards reducing reliance on advanced countries for higher training in the engineering sciences.

The faculty, equipment, laboratories and library facilities provide easy access for the students to the latest corpus of knowledge in their fields of specialization.

GIKI's students may have opportunities to complete part of their studies at reputed universities abroad under the split degree program. The graduate program is expected to be a major stride in the evolution of engineering education and research in the country and bringing about a qualitative change in this field. It is envisaged that this will promote productive liaison between the institute and industry. The research component will focus mainly on the problems of national industry and act as a conduit for the inflow of latest know-how because of the collaboration with universities and research organizations in the advanced countries. Hence the program will produce engineers and technologists who have the urge, the attitudes, and the skills to lead techno-industrial transformation of the country.

Student life at GIKI is more like a culture than mere residence. Every student gets such a knack of the life at GIKI that life at home seems boring. Unlike other institutes of the country, students are responsible for holding national and international events in the institute all by themselves. This prepares them for future leadership and managerial roles. While the primary duty of a student is to acquire education, involvement in extra-curricular activities is a must for meeting the needs of the modern day world.

Furthermore, a spectacular auditorium occupies the central place in the campus and its dome meshes with the surrounding hills to present a breath-taking skyscape. It has a seating capacity of 535, and is a venue of conferences, seminars, debates, declamation contests, concerts, and other such functions.

GIKI is a launching pad for future managers, CEOs, and engineers by bringing out the best in them amid tough academic competitions, fearless sports rivalries, and holding of all Pakistan events.

The faculty of computer science and engineering uses modern technologies to enhance the learning capabilities of the students and provide them with a stimulating and challenging environment. Emphasis is put on the practical applications of computer systems to the software and hardware needs of the global industry in general and Pakistani industry in particular.

The faculty offers courses leading to bachelor's (BS), master's (MS) and doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in computer software engineering and computer system engineering.


Punjab Government Punjab Domicile 10
KPK Scholarship KPK Domicile 10
Balochistan Government Balochistan Domicile 2
Lucky Cement Factory Afghan National 1
President Isothem Kurram Agency/ FATA 1
Mobilink Merit 2
Telenor Merit 2
Shell Merit 5

A medical center on the campus provides round-the-clock health care to students, employees and their dependent family members. The staff includes a medical specialist, a gynecologist, a physician and a radiographer in addition to trained nurses and paramedical staff. The setup also has a modern maternity unit and an emergency room with all necessary resuscitation facilities.

A radiology department has also been set up. The institute has its own local area network (LAN) and is connected to the internet through a high speed fiber optic line providing web surfing, chat and email services to all students and faculty members.

The LAN at the hostels creates unique characteristics and lingo among the students. A local version of the popular chat software mIRC has been implemented in GIKI. It is more like a culture than mere chat software in GIKI. All important informal news and announcements are made on mIRC. Channels of various student societies, batches, faculties, general knowledge, news and TV series/movies have been made on IRC and connect a student sitting in his room to the whole campus.

GIKI has its own satellite TV/dish TV receivers. All popular channels are available on the TV in the common rooms of the hostels. The institute provides financial assistance in form of interest-free loans subject to nominal administrative charges to their needy students. This assistance may be for a period of one to four years of studies. The financial loan is returnable in easy six-monthly installments from one year after completion of graduation programme.