Feb 13 - 19, 20

Swiss Bank has $1400 billion of Indian and $200 billion of Pakistani rulers. This ginormous wealth was said to be accumulated through corruption.

Population of India is 1.21 billion and in that relation, per capita amount comes to $1,157 compared with its per capita income of $1,250.

The per capita corruption figure equals to $1,176 in Pakistan in contrast to its per capita income of $1,050.

Fourteen hundred billion dollars are five times foreign reserves of India or around 39 years financing of Indian military based on $36 billion per year financing.

Mumbai needs around $40 billion for an excellent infrastructure. With total amount fleeced by Indian rulers, the shining India could meet 20 years of its energy requirements.

Coming back to Pakistan, $200 billion is equal to 12.5 times of foreign reserves or 31 years of military budget based on $6.5 billion financing per annum or around 3.4 times greater than total debt (60 billion USD) of the country.

With this amount, Pakistan can build 13 mega dams. It needs $15 billion for the construction of Kalabagh dam. Pakistan Railways can be modernized with extensive networks across South Asia with $25 billion.

In addition, with this amount eight well-developed cities having size of Karachi can be raised on ground. Financial losses of devastating floods and war on terror could easily be compensated if $200 billion is brought back to the country.

Now, it is up to the policymakers how they strategize to suck public money from foreign accounts.