Dec 19 - 25, 20

China is one of the most important trading and investment partners of Pakistan. The relations between China and Pakistan are based on mutual respect, mutual benefits, trusts, and cooperation.

Pakistan has benefited a lot from Chinese investment. Pakistan has held out assurance to the Chinese investors that the country's investment environment is safe and secure.

Pakistan has always welcomed more Chinese enterprises to engage in projects related to infrastructure construction, energy and resources, port development as well as other sectors such as electronics. Chinese have been doing a wonderful job in contributing to the economy and development of Pakistan.

Changhong, China's largest consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturer with a presence in more than 110 countries and revenues exceeding US$9.2 billion, has recently shaken hands with the Ruba Group to launch its co-brand "Changhong-Ruba" and flat panel category products in Pakistan.

Mr. Frankteng is CEO of Changhong-Ruba. He is TV manufacturing and Air conditioning engineer.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistan and Gulf Economist (PAGE), Mr. Frankteng said there are promising prospects for Chinese investment in Pakistan.

When asked how much investment Changhong has poured in Pakistan, Mr. Frankteng said an investment of US$11 million has been made with Changhong-Ruba venture while another US$100 million will come, if the business is succeeded.

He further said that Changhong has also brought their technology to Pakistan with the latest generation technology products and engineering technology.

About the product range of Changhong-Ruba in Pakistan, Mr. Frankteng said these include Flat panel including LED/PDP/LCD, AC including split/floor standing/portable, mobile phone, refrigerators, and so on.

When asked what is the vision and future plans of Changhong-Ruba, he said: "We want to be a leading and respectable brand in Pakistani market."

About business strategy of Changhong-Ruba in Pakistan, Mr. Frankteng said: "We want to provide the high tech and high quality products and excellent service to Pakistan consumer."

About his views regarding Pakistan from investment point of view, Mr. Frankteng said: "South Asia area is a very good potential market and Pakistan is one of the biggest parts with good growth speed."

He further said Changhong-Ruba with its planned approach and marketing strategy seems all set to bring about a change in the market and sets new quality standards that would allow Pakistani consumers to enjoy a wide range of consumer electronics at affordable prices.

About Changhong, Mr. Frankteng said: "Established in Mianyang, Sichuan province, P.R. China in 1958, Changhong Group has developed from the color TV to the diversified electronic industry. With over 50 years of innovation and development, Changhong has been shaped as a diversified and integrated multinational corporation integrated with R&D, production, sale and service for industries as TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, IT, communications, network, digital products, chip, energy, commercial electronics, electronic components, home appliance and new flat-panel display etc."

Mr. Frankteng said Changhong has the capacity of 11 million of flat panel TV, six million of air conditioner, six million of refrigerator, 20 million of refrigerator compressor, five million of the panel of plasma TV, six million of mobile for one year. Changhong is among the World's Top 500 Brands List 2010 with its brand value of US$10.7 billion.

With the strategy of sustainable development, Mr. Frankteng said Changhong Group entering the core device field, has developed with independent intellectual property rights new display devices: the plasma panel, the LCD module, OLED, and the core refrigerating devices: air conditioner, refrigerator compressor devices. Changhong Group is always committed in strengthening the core technical ability. Changhong Group actively promotes the international development, and it has established business centers in ten countries such as America, France, Algeria, Ukraine, India, and Thailand in order to carry out the development strategy of global marketing, and also set up some subsidiaries in eight countries and regions such as Australia, Indonesia, Czech, UAE, Russia, and Hong Kong. Changhong Group is committed to building the multinational enterprise group over 100 billion, the respectable enterprise, continuing to lead the direction of the consumer electronics home appliances.

Mr. Frankteng said Changhong Group came to Pakistan, and cooperates with Ruba Group, together they will establish the base for the development strategy in south Asia together.

Mr. Frankteng said they have launched their venture in Pakistan as a long-term strategy with a plan to become number one leader in Pakistan's electric appliances industry.

Initially, the launch is more focused on its co-brand, and top of the line LED, PDP, LCD series, which are expected to take the market in terms of technology, quality, and price, he said, adding: ́Changhong-Ruba is set to bring change in the market with quality standards and affordable prices."

He said: "We are confident to make Changhong-Ruba a respected and trustful enterprise with leading temperament in consumer electronic industry in Pakistan."

Changhong wants permanent presence in Pakistan to provide quality electric appliances to Pakistani population at reasonable price range," Mr. Frankteng said, adding: ́ We are not in a hurry, rather we are here as a part of long term planning to capture local market as a No. 1 brand."