Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2011

Shan Foods is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of premium quality spices, recipe mixes, rice, pickles, salt and desserts mixes which bring life to meals by adding taste and flavor in 56 countries across the globe. These international markets include the highly developed and quality-conscious markets of North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle-east. Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. as a leading food company is honored to bring pride and glory to Pakistan by receiving the "Superior Taste Award" from International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels. A number of products from Shan Foods were decorated with the "Superior Taste Awards-2010 in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. Hundreds of companies from 80 countries were evaluated for the Superior Taste Award among which Shan Foods clearly stood out as 14 of its products received the prestigious award.

We all are aware of the fact that in the globalized world, never as many frontiers has been opened at the dawn of the 21st century. Food quality control is not the only source of evaluation in the food market. The significant changes in lifestyle and values have modified consumer behavior. Consumers are now better informed about nutritional components and ingredients then ever before. It is quite often that products with good taste do not always get the recognition and visibility they deserve.

This is what gave birth to iTQi - International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels. A leading independent Chef- and Sommelier- based organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior tasting food and drink from around the world. The panelists are selected from within the 12 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations. Products are tested by large panels of judges from different nationalities. Products are evaluated on their individual merits and don't compete against each other. The various scores are compiled in order to determine the final global mark.

Considering the rigorous Judging Process at iTQi there is a 6 Step process involved in product evaluation

1.) Preparing products for judging
2.) Evaluation
3.) Large panels
4.) Not a Competition
5.) Results
6.) Approval

Judges are chosen for their:

* Extended practice in tasting.

* Unanimously recognized talents as chefs or sommeliers with exceptional expertise.

* Capacity to describe gustatory features of food & drink products.

* Ability to suggest potential improvements within the framework of sensory analysis, which is the essence of their profession.

The world witnessed history in the making when a leading Food Company from Pakistan made headlines for achieving excellence in taste and quality of food. The world witnessed the Pakistani flag flying high amidst the presence of other countries. This achievement not only made us proud but gave us hope & courage to turn our dreams into reality. This achievement was yet another milestone for Pakistan's leading food Company, Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. which is now internationally acknowledged for its taste and quality of food. What Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. achieved is not for us but for our country Pakistan because this is our identity and our reason to strive for excellence.

Being the first Pakistani company to achieve this prestigious recognition Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. attributes this accomplishment to maintaining perfection at all levels of product making, a dedicated team and most importantly its customers for their continued support.

This achievement has been made possible through Shan Foods' hard work and continuous efforts to improve quality in all areas of business. For the last three decades core strength of Shan Food Pvt. Ltd. is the quality delivered through its wide range of products. The company looks for perfection in all aspects of production to provide ultimate food experience to their end customers. Right from the selection of best raw material to the creation of perfect blend of spices and preservation, Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. does not compromise on anything less than the best.

When it comes to selection of the raw material Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. does whatever it takes to choose the perfect and finest raw material. Ingredients are the most vital and integral part of Shan Foods products and the selection is done in line with the international standards and quality.

After selecting the premium raw material when it comes to grinding, Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. utilizes state of the art grinding technology to ensure that the grinded raw material does not loose its basic texture, taste and aroma. It is the technique that helps to retain the natural quality of spices. It provides the required low temperature so that volatile components and essential oil contents which preserve the spice flavor are retained during grinding process.

Having rich heritage and expertise in the recipe blending category Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. gives emphasis to each and every detail that goes in the creation of the perfect blend of spices that brings ultimate perfection in preparing different cuisines to enlighten the taste buds of food lovers. With its dedicated R& D that is continuously in pursuit of developing products at par with international standards, Shan specializes in producing the perfect blend of spices which results in delivering the best products for the perfect taste, aroma, color and flavor. This eventually helps to stimulate all the five human senses during the food experience. It creates a sound that arouses appetite, aroma that captivates, striking colors that tempts your eyes, hands can't resist and tantalizing taste that makes meal experience not just enjoyable but also memorable.

Once the perfect recipe blend is created superior packaging becomes utmost important to preserve the product ensuring that the product reaches the consumers in its best state. Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. preserves this blend by incorporating V-lock technology in its packaging to maintain consistency in quality and freshness. Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd is one of the first food companies in Pakistan to introduce V lock technology that ensures product safety in different climatic conditions. Besides V Lock technology, Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. selects a much premium packaging material which no body in the competition does so far. This enables the taste, aroma; color and flavor of the food prepared with Shan range of product not only meet but far exceed consumer expectations in making their food experience JUST PERFECT.

All these hard efforts that go behind the creation of Shan Foods products have helped them being acknowledged internationally for their superior taste & quality. This "Superior Taste Award" from International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels is one of the many awards that Shan Foods has been receiving over the years for these persistent efforts. To celebrate this success a formal press conference was held recently. The founder and Chairman of Shan Foods Mr. Sikandar Sultan, who personally received the awards in Belgium said at the occasion, "At Shan Foods it is our foremost belief that consumer-focus in all areas of business helps us create consistent quality and authentic taste to win the consumers' hearts. Shan is the only company from Pakistan to win the iTQi awards in 2010. We are proud for earning a good image for Pakistan during this critical geo-political phase" Shan Foods is committed to excellence in quality and taste of food. It strives to help Pakistan reach new heights of success, achieve perfection in all areas concerned and to enrich and make your food experience JUST PERFECT!!!