Sep 12 - 18, 2011

The quality and standard of education in Sindh especially in public sector institutes (right from schools to universities) is in a pathetic condition. Not a single university from Sindh ranks 1st position by the higher education commission (HEC). No one in science, commerce, engineering, medical, or humanities is at par with a higher learning seat of good repute in Islamabad. That manifests the progress of education sector in Sindh.

Sindh government under the benefaction of chief minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, has already initiated the process to privatize the education in the province and make education literally a far cry for downtrodden strewn in the province.

The education department has open-door policy to own any government institute. Recently, it has given at least five colleges to Sukkur IBA i.e. Naushero Feroz, Jacobabad, Dadu, Khairpur to run these state owned institutes in a better way. In last week, ten high schools of Khairpur Mir's district are given to Sukkur IBA considering Sukkur IBA's capacity better than the ministry of education.

This doesn't only show the interest of our provincial education department, but also it speaks a lot about the inefficiency of this department.

I am afraid to say that our system is disappointing our youth. Rather to improve the performance and strengthen the capacity of existing public sector institutes, our chief minister is interested to introduce Chinese language in the province from 2013. What a silly idea it is.

Unquestionably, learning language is good and instrumental in success in life, but what strides have we made towards orienting our kids to English, may I ask. There is even a shortage of English language teachers in the province, then how can the government line up an army of Chinese-savvy mentors within two years? I would say it is a fantasy.

In other provinces particularly in Punjab and Khyber Paktunkhwa, the chief ministers make plans and strategies to improve the quality and standard of education and keep on opening public sector institutes to facilitate the people of their provinces.

Present is the English World. It will be better if the government opens up English language centers across the province to enable youth to explore the world. Jobs are for those only who know English. Even Chinese is learning English to compete in the foreign markets. If anybody is interested to learn Chinese after intermediate s/he may learn from any Chinese language centre for her/ his own benefits.

We request our chief minister to review the decision in the best interest of Sindh and plan to strengthen the capacity of the existing institutes.

Enough is enough Sindh has already suffered a lot. We do not find a single institute in any field of international standard in the province. Now, the provincial education sector cannot put up with the new experiments.

Hopefully, teachers, members of civil society, educationists, lawyers and scholars will build pressure on the government to revisit its decisions that impact the education sector.

The writer is a lecturer at Sukkur IBA.