June 20 - 26, 20

Education trains the human mind to think and take the right decision. Education is the best tool for development of etiquette and manner among the infants and young boys. Education plays the role of leadership in the society.

Education is important as it teaches the right behavior, the good manners, and etiquette. Education is the main basis of culture and civilization. Education arms oneself with an insight to look at lives and learn from every opportunity. It is a lifelong process of learning and adaptation. Education can lead us to enlightenment. It is proper education that builds in every individual a confidence to take decisions and overcome challenges.

Education instills a sense of pride about the genuine knowledge. It is a backbone of a society. It normally opens the right paths of career making. The productivity is tremendously increased by acquiring new skills and talents through education. It fetches better prospects in career and buildup. Education spreads awareness and decision making. Education enables us to take the right decisions and prevent any loss in life. It is an absolutely necessary for economic and social development of a nation.

There are problems of quality of staff, students, library, and laboratory.

It has been observed that access is very limited in universities, quality is very low in the fields of academic, administration, research and equipment, staff needs development in knowledge and skills, funds are inadequate, misappropriation is common, and character building of the students is lacking.

Experts dealing with education in the ministries, university teachers, university administrators, planners, examination experts, university students, and community leaders constituted the population of the study should pay attention on the following points: i) Development of faculty and staff should be ensured through meaningful continuous in-service training. (ii) Funds for higher education should be increased reasonably. (iii) Character building of students should be focused. (iv) Linkage between university and industry should be established. (v) Good governance should be ensured. (vi) New disciplines should be started to meet the need of the market. (vii) Night classes should be started with transport facilities. (viii) Rules and regulations should be enforced forcefully.

On the other sides, a teacher irrespective of institutions should be soft-spoken, affable, benevolent, dedicated, with good oratory skills, working tirelessly for spreading the working spirit and inculcating intellectual, moral, spiritual, ethical, physical and aesthetic values, verve, honest, punctuality, and zeal and enthusiasm.

In the present educational scenario, Pakistan's essential requirement is to develop a potential educated human force comprising of resource persons in all segments of social, political economic, scientific, and cultural advancement. Education should be utilized effectively. This is the only tool that can help us to compete with the other countries of the world in all affairs of the living systems. The purpose of the study is to investigate the problems. The functions of the university are to develop the people physically, mentally and spiritually. It improves and promotes the economic, social, political, and cultural life of the nation. All over the world, universities are guiding and cooperating with the industrial and agricultural development organizations and they are developing their economics rapidly and meaningfully.

In Pakistan, after more than five decades, the developmental indicators are not showing positive results. The participation rate at higher education is about three percent of age group (17-23) and this is 16.2 per cent as world average of this age group. The advanced countries are achieving more than 40 per cent participation rate in higher education.

There are problems of quality of staff, students, library, and laboratory. Relevance with society, arts students and research facilities are needed. Weaknesses of examination and ineffective governance should be removed.