Research Analyst
June 20 - 26, 2011

KASBIT provides learning for life. It stands out as a provider of high quality of education in Pakistan. KASBIT offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research across the full spectrum of academic activity in the presence of Director/V.C SAAA.

The institute aims to provide its students with a rich and a solid academic environment that ensures opportunities for both intellectual development and the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

KASBIT is known for the excellence of its faculty and students and ever since its foundation many of its graduates have become leaders in the leading organizations. KASBIT private limited which is the parent body of KASBIT was established in September 1999 through registration with securities & exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP), government of Pakistan. It is the first private sector institute of higher education, which is registered as a corporate body. Since its inception the institute has achieved many a milestones advocating standard, excellence and quality recognition.

The institute was given ISO-9001 certification in January 2002 in recognition of its high quality control system. The institute became the first ISO-9001 certified degree awarding institute in the private sector in Pakistan. Since its inception, the management of the institute is highly conscious of attaining high standard and recognition amongst its peers through performance based achievements. With this in view the institute applied for charter in the year 2001 which was granted by the government of Sindh vide ordinance No. XXII of 2001.

KASBIT leading-edge research program enables students to solve real problems which benefit businesses and the community. During May 2011, KASBIT's applied economic and research & development (R&D) organized a pre budget seminar in the presence of the key speaker Dr. Zemeer Jafri. Dr. Jafri had highlighted flood, corruption, law and order, budget expenditure, fluctuation in oil prices, power crisis, and other economic issues of Pakistan which hindered the growth rate of the economy. It is expected that the management will organize post budget seminar in upcoming month.

The KASBIT research centre is a powerful driver of transforming knowledge into economic value. This centre is responsible for much of their collaborative work with business, industry and the public sector, providing opportunities for work experience, and demonstrates their commitment to producing professionally minded graduates that employers want to recruit. This is the first time that as a private university, KASBIT has established a research centre along with other clubs with similar activities.

The institute became member of the association to advance collegiate schools of business (AACSB). AACSB international produces a wide assortment of knowledge service publications and special reports on trends and issues within management education. It also plans to conduct extensive array of professional development programs for the students and professionals. The membership ascertains the current standing of the institute.

KASBIT is recognized by higher education commission and is chartered by the government of Sindh.

KASBIT requires advisor-student conferences at least once a semester. However, the students are responsible for adhering to institute policies and procedures. Students are assigned academic advisor/counselor and the names of the advisors/counselors are announced by the departments.

KASBIT undergraduate program includes BBA 4-year. However, the graduates would be required to complete a major area of specialization in finance, marketing management, MIS, banking, hotel management, and HRM.

Postgraduate programs include MBA 2-year, which helps students in preparing for a variety of careers in the field of marketing, HR, finance and others in both public and private sectors.

KASBIT also offers a two year master program which requires completion of seventy two credit hours of course work including six credit hours final project. The program consists of four semesters. For those students who obtained their BBA degree the MBA Program is of a shorter duration.

Number of courses is exempted and the required course load of a two year MBA program is reduced from seventy two credit hours to a thirty credit hours program, course load to be completed in two regular semesters followed with dissertation of six credit hours in the field of choice.

The one-year full-time taught Master's (MS / MPhil 2-year) programs require 30 credit hours including 24 credit hours of course work. Scholars receive an education both in management aspects and in essential areas of business administration such as technology policy, company formation, finance and management, global economics and sustainable development.

The PhD (3-year research-oriented degree) produces scholars and independent researchers. All doctoral scholars in the KASBIT are expected to learn how to analyze and synthesize the research literature in a chosen field; how to plan and initiate original research; and how to translate research findings into implications for educational practice. This program is unique offering an integrated curriculum.


BBA 4yr (8Sem)
MBA (Mor., Eve.) 2yr (4Sem)
MBA (Weekend) 22 Courses
Admission Fee Rs10,000
Prospectus & Admission Form Rs500
Tuition Fee per Credit Hr Rs2,400


Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, KASBIT discovers and applies new knowledge through teaching, research, and creative activities.