May 2 - 15, 2011

Solve Agri Dairy Institute, the first ever private sector dairy and livestock training and skills development institute in Pakistan, was inaugurated at the institute's premises last week. Solve Agri Dairy Institute aims to provide pre-designed and customized skill development programs to enhance the capabilities of all stakeholders in the dairy, livestock, and related agriculture sectors.

The auspicious inauguration ceremony for Solve Agri Dairy Institute was held at the institute's premises in grand style, in the presence of notable experts from government, academia and dairy and livestock sectors.

Azhar Ali Syed, Managing Director Tetra Pak Pakistan presided over the ceremony as chief guest. He was joined by General (R) Muhammad Ali, CEO Punjab Livestock & Dairy Development Board and Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, Dean University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences.

Speaking on the occasion, Haroon Lodhi, CEO Solve Agri Pak, apprised the audience of the need for a dedicated dairy and livestock knowledge based training institute. He elaborated on the training curriculum and the different training modules that would be conducted at the institute. These training modules would be pre-designed to incorporate best practices and modern farm management techniques using the services of highly experienced instructors who would impart practical knowledge following an easy hands-on approach. He further added that this training would greatly improve the productivity of the dairy and livestock sector, which can significantly contribute to Pakistan's GDP.

Speaking at the occasion Azhar Ali Syed, Gen (R) Mohd Ali and Prof. Talal Naseer Pasha applauded the effort put together by Solve Agri Dairy Institute and assured their continuous support and guidance to the institute for its service to the nation.

Syed Azhar Ali formally inaugurated the institute. After the inauguration ceremony, visitors were taken on a tour of the premises and witnessed first-hand the state of the art audio-visual training facilities at the Solve Agri Dairy Institute. The institute has already commenced its first training module - a four-month training program for the Agri-services teams of Engro Foods, Haleeb Foods, Nestle Pakistan, Noon and Shakarganj. These teams are currently participating in the Dairy Hub project; a Tetra Pak Pakistan's initiative for uplifting the milk production of small herd dairy farmers, implemented by Solve Agri Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. Training programs on milk hygiene and quality; training for milk collectors, dairy & livestock services staff, dairy farm supervisors/managers, and modules for dairy farm feasibility/economics were planned for future training sessions.


Solve Agri Pak (Pvt.) Ltd, the parent company of Solve Agri Dairy Institute™, is the executing partner along with the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore for one year Herd Management Diploma started with cooperation of Tetra Pak Pakistan and Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Government of Punjab.

Solve Agri Dairy Institute welcomes all levels of livestock and dairy sector personnel and existing and future entrepreneurs to benefit from a wide range of trainings that we offer.

Solve Agri Dairy Institute offers trainings ranging from 1 day training of smallholder farmers to 4 months trainings for the extension workers. Some of our training modules/courses are as below:

• Dairy Hub Staff Training Program
• Smallholder Farmer Training program
• Training for Milk Collection Staff
• Training for Agri-services Staff
• Training for Dairy Farm Supervisors/Managers
• Module for Dairy Farm Feasibility/Economics
• Livestock Emergency Preparedness Training

The dairy Hub Staff training program is for 16 weeks (4 weeks training and 12 weeks of on-job training). The training is part of the ongoing Dairy Hub Project initiated by Tetra Pak Pakistan and executed by Solve Agri Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. The training is targeted at dairy and livestock extension workers, dairy farm workers and supervisors and Agri-services providers handling smallholders. A wide range of areas are covered during this training ranging from communication, rural sociology, animal nutrition, reproduction and health to genetics and breeding, artificial insemination and calf rearing etc.

Solve Agri Dairy Institute also provides customized training programs as per the needs of the clients.

For details regarding any of the above training programs or to get a training program especially designed according to your needs and requirements, please contact Dr. Waseem Shaukat at 0300 8440728 or


Dairy Farming in Pakistan is characterized by fragmented, smallholder farmers who operate at sustenance level.

Pakistan is the 3rd largest milk producer in the world with an annual production of about 39 billion liters of milk (IFCN 2009 report) and majority of dairy farming is done by smallholders who are unable to get the right commercial benefit out of this activity. Pakistan's dairy sector is at an important crossroads as milk demand is growing annually by 15 per cent while supply has been increasing by only 3 to 4 per cent. This ever widening supply gap is going to increase to 3.6 billion liters by 2015, resulting in a decreasing supply of milk and an increase in consumer prices. Absence of modern dairy farming knowledge and formal links to market limits the opportunities to run profitable dairy farming business.

As a viable solution to increase milk production, capacity building, infrastructure & socio-economic development and poverty alleviation, Tetra Pak Pakistan has initiated Dairy Hub Project - a community development project for its customers; Engro Foods, Nestle and Haleeb Foods. The program is currently executed by Solve Agri Pak (Pvt.) Ltd.

Dairy Hub Project is based on "one herd concept" where all animals in the selected area are treated as part of a bigger dairy farm. Dairy hub's main objectives are to improve the quality and quantity of raw milk; to expand market access and create an efficient value chain; increasing small holder competitiveness; improving skills and increasing livelihoods in subsistence agriculture. Dairy hub ideally covers 20-25 villages located within 15-20 km radius and is targeted towards dairy farmers with small herd size.

Some the activities in dairy hub areas are:

• Farmer training in silage making
• Establishment of a Dairy Hub office
• Women training programs
• Establishment of CMT (California Mastitis Test) camps
• Establishment of one stop shops like Khushali Ghar
• Provision of mechanized milking machines
• Setting up of vaccination camps
• Provision of safe water to improve herd productivity
• Four months community Dairy Hub staff training program

Community Dairy Hub programme is one of its kind both in terms of the steps it takes and also in terms of the results it achieves and hopes to achieve. Today, the best investment that we can make in the dairy industry is by educating the farmer. This community dairy development program provides the farmers with the facilities for capacity building through simplified trainings, Agri-services, cooling and milk testing equipment, which creates unity among community smallholders to supply their milk and link them to the formal sector and adopt dairy farming as full time commercial business.

It is expected that successful implementation of the model dairy hubs will encourage others to replicate this concept all over Pakistan. In the future, Dairy Hubs will deliver improved quality and quantity of milk at significantly lower cost as well as help in poverty alleviation in the rural sector of Pakistan.


SAPPL has launched its specialized concentrated feed (Wanda) under the brand name (S.A.F) Solve Agri Feeds, utilizing our in-house expertise in veterinary sciences and dairy & livestock business. Initially, five types of feeds are being developed in order to improve animal health and increase milk/meat yield; maximizing quality and nutritional value for the dairy animals. SAPPL is also providing customized feed depending on the needs of dairy animals in question.

The following five feed products have been introduced in the market keeping in view the needs & requirements of the dairy & livestock farmer while maintaining highest standards of animal feed:

1. S.A.F. Wanda Plus - For High Yielding Animals
2. S.A.F. Regular Wanda - For Normal Yielding Animals
3. S.A.F. Calf Wanda - For Calf Rearing
4. S.A.F. Bhagri Wanda - For Dry & Pregnant Animals
5. S.A.F. Rustam Wanda - For Animal Fattening.