May 2 - 15, 2011

Pakistan's exports and investment potentials will be put on display at the 6th edition of Expo Pakistan that will take place from October 20th-23rd, 2011 at Karachi Expo Center.

Tariq Iqbal Puri, Chief Executive, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) flanked by leading businessman Abdul Kader Jaffer, Chairman Ahmed Jaffer & Company and President Pakistan Japan Business Forum and the top brass of TDAP raised the curtain of the forthcoming international event that would have buyers from all over the world.

When PAGE asked TDAP chief to comment on overall export performance this year, he mentioned with a sense of achievement that on an average our private sector has done exceptionally well especially in the face of deepening energy crisis, rising inflation and bad law and order situation yet the performance are reassuring that people of Pakistan are committed to their homeland in thick and thin which is reflected in the outstanding exports performance modestly projected at $22 billion. However, the annual exports worth $2 billion per month may cross even $24 billion at the end of June this year.

It was heartening to notice that TDAP which is basically responsible to facilitate the private sector and exporters is quite determined to focus on its core responsibility of promoting exports and global trade despite all odds such as rising cost of petroleum products, abnormal increase in electricity tariffs and high cost of financing.

Tariq Puri observed that we don't have to give up our efforts because ups and downs are the part of life of a nation, we are not suppose to demoralize the stakeholders. Major sectors are showing strong export growth in March 2011

Pakistan's exports showed continued strength as evident from the latest trade data available. According to the trade figures, exports from Pakistan during March 2011 were $2.5 billion, which is 41.1 per cent higher than that of March of last year 2010. The cumulative exports for the period July-March 2011 totaled $ 17.8 billion, as against $14.1 billion during the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 26.5 per cent.

Group wise exports of Pakistan during the month of March 2011 and its comparison with 2010 show rapid growth in every sector. Textiles was the major export sectors, having 50 per cent share in total export, recorded 44 per cent growth over the same month of last year. Export of food group grew 56.4 per cent, manufacturing 21.3 per cent, and petroleum group 13.9 per cent.


. 2010 2009 %CHANGE
Grand Total 2,497,152 1,769,567 41.12
Textile group 1,249,009 867,253 44.02
Food group 580,526 371,284 56.36
Manufactures group 396,303 326,778 21.28
All other items 138,056 87,226 58.27
Petroleum group & Coal 133,258 117,026 13.87

Similar is the case with consolidated export figures for July-March period. Textile sector was the driving agent in reaching this level of export. Knitwear and cotton cloth were the top export products and their exports grew 32.7 per cent and 28.6 per cent, respectively. Bedwear, cotton yarn, readymade garments were the items, which have each crossed the $1 billion mark during the 9 months of the fiscal year 2010-11. Rice (other varieties) export decreased a little. However, growth of Basmati rice was positive. Exports of chemicals rose 21 per cent, towels 17.3 per cent, and petroleum products 18.1 per cent.


JULY - MARCH (IN $ '000)

2010-11 2009-10 % CHANGE
Grand Total 17,798,910 14,072,383 26.48
Knitwear 1,726,139 1,300,648 32.71
Cotton cloth 1,709,961 1,329,701 28.60
Bed wear 1,556,984 1,273,254 22.28
Cotton yarn 1,509,994 1,100,482 37.21
Readymade garments 1,276,722 926,815 37.75
Rice others 905,805 980,293 -7.60
Basmati rice 672,793 642,761 4.67
Chemicals and pharm.products 619,707 513,467 20.69
Towels 580,448 495,048 17.25
Petroleum products (excl Top Naphta) 536,421 454,214 18.10

EXPO 2011

It may be recalled that the event was earlier planned for February this year, however it was postponed due to the feedback received from the stakeholders involving law and order situation in Karachi among other things.

Nevertheless, it has now been decided to organize the event in October this year which will not only showcase the national exports potential but will also go a long way in positively portraying the image of Pakistan to the international community.

As part of the TDAP's export enhancement and private sector outreach endeavors, a multilateral conference on investment and export is also being organized to leverage the event. The conference titled "Foreign Investment Opportunities & Exports from Pakistan" shall be organized on the 20th October at Karachi Expo Centre in collaboration with international business forums of Karachi. The conference shall cover sectors like engineering, infrastructure, agriculture, energy, mining and chemicals.

Mr. Tariq appreciated the role of Abdul Kader Jaffer, President Pakistan Japan Business Forum in spearheading this exercise and is confident that through this joint effort they will be able to come up with proposals for structural improvements, in the export industry of Pakistan. The conference is expected to attract a large number of foreign and local experts in their respective fields.

The first two days of the event shall be reserved for the international buyers while the last two days would be open to the public, so that people could experience the vast variety of products of international standard, produced in Pakistan. While availing this opportunity, he requested the exporters community to come forward and participate in this national event. The event will represent the products of all the different regions of Pakistan and demonstrate the vibrant and colorful Pakistan. Furthermore, various products' associations will be consulted for inviting foreign buyers on predetermined selection criteria for extending hospitality based on imports and size of the foreign company.