Apr 4 - 10, 20

DHL Global Forwarding has 500,000 employees around the globe. The company receives many international awards from its customers besides award from international organizations in air & ocean freight DHL is handling industrial projects worldwide and wants to do the same in Pakistan in the fields of oil & gas, power and other sectors.

Ahsan Ghias is the Director LMS Supply Chain & industrial projects. He carries an experience spanning over 26 years in the logistics and transportation industry both in public and private sector to his professional credit.

He performed his services as a seagoing officer while serving at Pakistan National Shipping Corporation and as a research worker and a civil servant while working at National Transport Research Centre, Planning Commission, and Ministry of Communications.

His research work comprises in depth studies on PNSC, Indus River Navigation Prospects, Gwadar Port Development, Development of Ports & Shipping Sector and Multi Modal Transport. He has also extensively worked with JICA and UNDP on National Transportation Plan Studies encompassing development and infrastructure needs of the country and other projects of national significance. He has also represented Pakistan on different international forums on transportation and logistics.

Commenting on DHL's commitment to economic growth of Pakistan, Ahsan Ghias said that the company is heavily investing in infrastructure developments and IT sector in the country.

By investing in IT and with the development of strong network of trucks, we provide our customers opportunity to track the truck carrying their goods. We are also installing equipment in warehouses and providing customer opportunity to look at the activities taking place in the warehouse even if he is not available at the spot. Steps are taken in order to use maximum daylight in all our offices around the country.

We are investing to our workforce by providing them courses in IT and other work related matters. We are working on human resource development and also working on enhancing our own capacity.

Replying to a question regarding the role of DHL Global forwarding can play in Pakistan's economic development, Ahsan said "with so many positive economic indicators as compared to last few years, countries like Pakistan need to focus on trade. Local productions and exports will need to be enhanced to generate revenues. All of this is only possible with a well organized logistic and transport system. DHL global forwarding is playing important role in country's economic development because we help our small and large exporters to reach all parts of the world and also help manufacturers procure best raw material from all parts of the world. An effective and well organized logistic & transportation service is the prerequisite for the development of any country."

Answering to another question regarding potential and capacity of a company like DHL in bringing expertise for the people of Pakistan, Ahsan was of the view that whenever an international company started its operation in Pakistan, we thought negatively that a company coming here was to take over our country but we did not consider about the positives they were bringing. They are providing employment for local work force, and bringing quality knowledge on which the world is progressing in economic systems, financial systems, operational systems and marketing and sales activities. They bring with them big data base. Companies like DHL bring employment opportunities in the country, they have their own planes, and they also enhance the work standard of there employees by providing them a global perspective. Practical work experience of DHL is different from local organizations.

When asked to share problems faced by DHL Global Forwarding in Pakistan, Ahsan came out with the remarks: "We face some issues but we overcome them because of our strong selection of personnel. Our selection of personnel done through a procedure in which we look for employees who can accomplish tasks independently. We fight for our names. We are achieving our targets and our customer base also increasing. We're providing good services to our clients and making them delightful. They become so addicted to our services that they always come to us.

To a question regarding the edge the company has over its competitors, Ahsan replied with a great amount of confidence that our key to success is that we do not take customers without proper analysis. We have a selection process for selecting a customer. Even in our selection process, we drop customers who do not meet our set standards. During this selection process, we also come to know that why this customer is coming to us and what are the reasons that a particular customer is not happy with the company he is previously working with. We have detail discussion with customers that what are their specific requirements and then we do our working as per customers' requirement. Customers want timely delivery in cost effective manner. We give our customers different delivery options in which rates and delivery time are different. This makes our customers feel that we are transparent for them. We do not make wrong commitments and mostly we get this feedback from customers that DHL says no to them upfront and does not make wrong commitments. "Never commit what you cannot deliver is our slogan of success."

Giving the background and functions of DHL in Pakistan, he said that offices of DHL global forwarding are located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. We have our warehouses in cities like Sahiwal, Sargodha, Multan, and some other cities from where we provide limited services to our customers present in adjoining areas specially spare part services to some of our telecom clients.

While discussing the prevailing energy crisis, Ahsan observed that the country is facing serious energy crisis but it can be overcome by investing in wind power. This country has lot of potential. We can produce 300,000 megawatts wind electricity through. It has initial cost but we can save a lot on fuels. Setting up of new projects can create a lot of job opportunities for the local people of the area. We have best corridors for wind power projects. India is investing in wind power and getting results.