Feb 1 - 7, 2010

Microsoft Pakistan in collaboration with Maison Consulting & Solutions held an interactive seminar to address the importance of having a proficient ERP System for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).The seminar titled "Reduce cost with Dynamics ERP & CRM in tough financial times," was attended by CFOs, internal auditors, finance executives and other dignitaries from the corporate sector.

The event highlighted the importance of using IT solutions to reduce costs and operational inefficiencies especially during the current resource crunch. While addressing the audience, Kamal Ahmed, Country Manager Microsoft Pakistan said, "Microsoft is committed to solving business challenges faced by SMEs. Investment in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can allow firms better productivity which will lead to better profitability, market share and customer service."

The speakers at the event elaborated that the Dynamics ERP & CRM have been designed to address all these issues. The current solutions offered to SMEs under the package of Dynamics ERP & CRM also include industry-specific best practices which have made the advantages of implementing ERP far outweigh its expense.

CEO Maison Consulting, Mr. Sultan Hamdani while addressing the audience said, "With the turbulent times affecting most large and small corporations, ERP solutions have become the need of the hour. A dynamic ERP environment allows firms to enjoy lower risk and higher return in terms of effective management and increased profitability. In the face of global recession, ERP allows SMEs flexibility and stricter cost controls which enhance competitiveness."

The seminar is part of Microsoft & Maison Consulting's ongoing efforts to increase awareness of IT solutions and benefits in the general business community.


Microsoft Pakistan held an exclusive briefing on Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) for the bloggers community in Pakistan at an event held at the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) at Karachi. The theme of the event was to provide users, especially bloggers, with a better understanding of the new features and developments in Windows 7 and IE8 and how these can help blog faster, better and enhance the optimization of blogs.

Naveed Bajwa, DPE Lead Microsoft Pakistan presented the audience with the initiatives being taken by Microsoft and commented, "Blog writing has gained immense popularity and interest amongst people in the past years. Blogs have become a formidable force in voicing opinions, sharing views and informing the world of the events that have global concerns. Be it political, economic or simply lifestyle; blogs have defied borders and limitations and no information or news can be kept hidden. Microsoft is aware of this crucial tool and our aim is to provide voices with the right kind of support to speak out in this world."

The event included a review of Windows 7 and a demo by Zafar-ul-Islam, Enterprise Technology Strategist for Microsoft Pakistan, followed by a demo on the features and latest innovations introduced in IE8 by Jibran Jamshed, Technology Consultant, MIC Pakistan.

Present at the event Asim Imtiaz, owner of said, "It is wonderful to see big IT brands like Microsoft realizing the power of Blogs. Blogs are vital in today's virtual world and require active consideration in support software; the Microsoft Bloggers Day is an excellent opportunity to create a network of upcoming Bloggers from the Industry. It is very pleasing to see that such young minds are behind such powerful Blogs; they are playing a major role in creating awareness and such initiatives should be held more often to promote and educate these minds further."

The event also gave an insight on the steps being taken by Microsoft to spread IT education, awareness, and academia training in MS applications within the country. Microsoft is dedicated to developing the local software economy, providing IT education and skills across all segments of society to ensure that the next generation is equipped with the right knowledge for progress.

Also commenting on the event, Tazeen Javed, New Media journalist said, "Citizen Journalism has become inexpensive and anyone with a voice and conscience can contribute to creating knowledge. As far as Pakistan is considered, people are losing faith in mainstream media and more and more people are turning to alternative sources like blogging as the source of information."