Dec 20 - 26, 20

The socio-economic and political future of the country depends on the seriousness of the efforts of the society as well as the people at the helm of affairs for human resource development without any sort of bias and prejudices to add value to the raw diamonds, youth presently occupying a share of over 60 per cent of the total population of Pakistan.

Besides the government through budgetary allocations for the cause of education, our corporate sector should also lend a supporting hand in their respective area of operation, as the corporate sector owes to this nation whatever they are earning from this country.

No doubt, some of the members of the corporate sector are doing exceptionally well for the education, training and imparting skill to our youth and all such companies in fact deserve appreciation.

In respect of human resource development, the Indus Motor Company (IMC), one of the leading car manufacturers in Pakistan, has set various examples for the cause of basic education, training, and polishing of youth.

Talking to PAGE, Raza Ansari, the marketing chief of the IMC said his company looks at the human resource as a concern beyond cars. Indus Motor Company is not only making social contributions for the present, it is also making continuous investment for the future of Pakistan .

Raza Ansari said we firmly believe that in the hands of our youth lies the future of Pakistan. We not only provide assistance to over 20 schools and educational institutions, but also partner with NGOs to construct schools. The IMC contributions go to the smallest of the schools operating out of a few rooms in an underprivileged area to the top engineering and management universities. The company provides 50 scholarships to university students. Many students come to Indus for internships. Besides, the apprenticeship training programme continues to develop high quality human resources. Several of our staff members are on the visiting faculty of management and technical institutions. IMC is committed to support causes that highlight issues of illiteracy at various forums.

The most impressive work being done by IMC is Goth (village) Education Programme. Under this segment, IMC sponsoring around 50 students and the figure is increasing with every passing day in the village schools in the periphery of the IMC plant.

Actually, the significance of education especially in the rural areas was never given a serious thought by the governments in the past and the present. In fact, despite having rich agriculture lands and plenty of water, we could not capitalise on the agriculture resources because we failed to impart skill and education to our rural population. The feudal lords keep the rural youth uneducated with the malign intention to drive them as livestock according to their whims and wishes and protect their vested interests. Our agriculture base has the potential to steer out the national economy from the disturbed water if we provide education to our youth in the rural areas to produce better results and fruits of the available rich agriculture resources.

Besides promoting basic education, Raza Ansari said that we encourage professionalism in the technical arena. The Indus Motor with the assistance of Toyota Motor Corporation, has set up three T-TEP (Toyota Technical Education Programs) at the Government College Of Technology, St. Patrick's Technical Institute, Karachi, and CTTI Islamabad where automobile diploma holders are provided training in the latest automobile technology.

Raza said that establishment of an institute costs around Rs8 million or more but the results we are getting are beyond the expectations. So far, over 800 graduates were produced and majority of them were inducted within the company and some of the graduates either left abroad or join other company but after all, they are contributing for the economic benefits of the country.

He said that the company has also initiated an Engineering Students Design Competition for the development of Robotics in Pakistan linking the creativity of young people with the industry. To further professionalism in the field of journalism, we held Pakistan's first National Auto Journalists Workshop, which was conducted by an international expert on Auto Journalism and announced an Annual Auto Journalists Award.

As far as the T-TEP is concerned, it is a 3 year Automobile Diploma Program conducted with the assistance of Toyota Motor Corporation that provides students training in the latest automobile technology, enabling them to pursue successful careers after graduation. Indus Motor offers this program at the Government College of Technology, Lahore and the Saint Patrick's Institute of Science & Technology, Karachi .


IMC has also established two TCF (The Citizens Foundation) schools in Muzaffargarh and Hyderabad. The aim is to provide quality education to the underprivileged students. The land for TCF School Hyderabad has been donated by the Habib Family.

TCF school complex at Deh Mehrani near Hyderabad comprises of a primary school and a secondary school, which was started in September 2006, providing education to 360 students in the vicinity. There is a playground also to promote extra-curricular activities amongst students. This is the second TCF school setup by Indus Motor Company; the first one was constructed at Baseera, Muzaffargarh


IMC has also contributed towards the garage school, which aims to provide education to the underprivileged children. The company donated a Toyota Hilux to the school.

Indus Motor Company is a regular donor to Lahore University of Management Sciences and has also made contributions for LUMS School of Science and Engineering (LUMS SSE). Once established, this important school will produce inventors and scientists who will take our country forward. This contribution by IMC was highly appreciated by LUMS officials.


As part of the social contribution, IMC has taken active part in training the youth of Pakistan. Several managers from IMC teach at management and technical institutions in their spare time. They share their expertise with potential future managers. They also teach real-world cases to the students to give them a realistic view of industry


Indus Motor Company provides 50 scholarships to children and assists various schools and educational institutions. IMC is a regular donor to many educational institutions in Pakistan. Following are some of the beneficiaries of IMC's donations.

The Citizens Foundation
IBP School of Special Education
Family Education Service/DEAF Project
ABSA School
Ida Rieu Deaf & Blind School


Indus motor is committed to spread technology amongst the younger generation. It has organised an all Pakistan Engineering Students Design Competition for the Engineering Universities. The main objective was to generate innovative ideas to support the development of robotics and automation in Pakistan, and in doing so, link the creativity of young people with the engineering industry. Six leading engineering universities in the country were invited to participate in the competition and engineering students were asked to apply their designing skills to a real life manufacturing problem and come up with a solution.


IMC also provides internships to students in different departments of the company. Over the years, IMC has provided training to internees not only from within Pakistan but from leading universities outside the country. This year there are about 25 internees from UT Austin, LUMS, IBA, SZABIST, CBM and NED University of Engineering and Technology. They are given projects with access to all necessary resources and are fully involved in the operations of the company. Supervisors closely monitor their works and their performance is evaluated at the end of their internship period.


The initiatives of the Indus motor company for the noble cause of education and civilization deserve appreciation and acknowledgement at the highest level since it has an intention to invite others to follow suit and help promoting education in Pakistan.