Dec 6 - 12, 20

Halal food movement has the strength to lead Muslims to rule the global economy as the food is the basic need of every human being, said Dr. Mustufa Ceric Grand Mufti Bosnia and Herzegovina while addressing the delegates of global Halal Congress at Islamic Chambers of Commerce and Industry last week.

It may be mentioned that none-Muslim countries have grabbed over $2 trillion global Halal market while a little is held by few Islamic countries like Indonesia and Malaysia while India's export of Halal meat is over $21 billion dollar.

Speaking at a reception at Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is also the Grand Mufti of Sanjak, Croatia and Slovenia said that people of his country love Pakistan and hold this in a high esteem on its role during ethnic cleansing and insurgency. Their love for Pakistan is reflected in the fact that mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina made collections as a relief fund for the flood hit people in Pakistan. The amount collected was the biggest in the history of Bosnia, he disclosed. The grand Mufti who declined to quantify the collection said that it was submitted to the authorities.

Elaborating his point of view regarding potential of global Halal market, the grand mufti said that since food is the basic need of every human being the Muslim Ummah should focus on developing strong base of food production which he said would be a source of economic prosperity.

Commenting on the state of Muslim Ummah, the grand mufti remarked that out of the total refugees in the world over 70 percent are Muslims rendered shelter less due to the disturbances sparked in their homelands yet the irony is that the Muslims are labeled as the terrorists.

Mufti Saheb in a lighter mood said that Muslims of the world love each other yet they do not respect each other which is the major cause of unity and strength among themselves while on the other hand the non-Muslims do not love each other yet they respect each other that paves the way for growth, peace and prosperity. He advised the Muslims that besides having a sense of love they should also respect each other.

It was a pleasant surprise to know that 95 percent of sheep and goats slaughtered in New Zealand are Halal. This was disclosed by Dr. Mohamed Samy President N.Z. Islamic Meat & Processed Food Management, New Zealand. He said that he took the initiative and was convinced scientifically that halal meat is hygienic and good for health that was accepted by the authorities and today out of 57 million animals 95 percent are slaughtered through Halal process.

Earlier Asad Sajjad, Secretary General and CEO Halal Development Council, who is organising the Global Halal Congress in Pakistan, and Attiya Nawazish Ali Assistant Secretary General Coordination Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the grand mufti Bosnia and other delegates who have arrived from 17 countries to participate in the congress.