Feb 1 - 7, 2010

Communication has changed. Staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues is just as important as staying up-to-date with the latest news, views and gossip. It's all about instantly sharing a moment, an idea or a thought, which is why mobile email is fast becoming the essential everyday tool for everyone!

Around 300 million people worldwide* have experimented with mobile email but only 10% of accounts, or 30 million accounts, have actually been activated on the mobile phone. ** With over 100 million email-enabled devices from Nokia in people's hands - the biggest choice available in the market today - mobile email is now more accessible than ever. People don't necessarily have to buy an Eseries phone to enjoy mobile email. Nokia devices with email support are available starting from PKR 4,200 and upwards with a choice of both QWERTY and touch screen keypad. Nokia email-enabled devices are now more affordable than before. If you're not already using email on your phone, do you have a good reason why not?

Nokia Messaging gives you quick and easy access to the world's most popular email accounts - thousands, in fact - and chances are that you have an account with one or more of them. One device is all you need to manage multiple accounts. Nokia Messaging allows you to access up to 10 accounts on the same mobile device. Nokia Messaging is quick and easy to install. All you need is your email address and password and you'll be reading emails and replying to them - on your mobile device - within a couple of clicks. Nokia has worked with all the major ISPs (Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, AOL Mail) and coupled with the all-important "push-email" technology to deliver your emails straight to your device, so there's no need to constantly search - or check - for new messages. Nokia mobile phones support both global and local ISPs. For example, To a Pakistani user, both Google mail and Cyber mail accounts will be accessible. Only user name and password is required to access consumer email account. More information about Nokia Messaging can be found at

In the past, creating an email account directly on the mobile phone was unheard of. If someone wanted an email account, they had to have access to a PC. With Ovi Mail, that's a thing of the past, as the Ovi Mail account can be created directly on the mobile device. 25% of the world's mobile phone users are connected, but for the remaining 75%, there's Ovi Mail, which completely eliminates the need for a PC to have and use an email account. The Ovi Mail account can be created on the PC ( or on over 35 mobile Nokia device models.

Today, work or corporate email on the mobile device is not only the privilege, but also the right of many. Nokia has made it possible for almost anyone working in a corporate environment to get their corporate email accounts on their mobile device, thanks to agreements with email providers such as Microsoft and IBM, intuitive devices like the Nokia E72, Nokia E75 and the Nokia E71, and by eliminating all the unnecessary technical information while simplifying the process to mobilize the account. The business world operates 24/7 and waits for no man. With corporate mobile email in your pocket, there's no need to be left behind!

Nearly half of corporate email accounts depend on the Microsoft Exchange server. Nokia's Mail for Exchange lets you wirelessly synchronize your Microsoft Exchange email, calendar and contact data, as well as providing easy and instant access to your global company. In newer devices like the Nokia E72, Nokia E75 and Nokia E63, Mail for Exchange is pre-loaded in devices, so setting up the account on the mobile device is only a few steps away. In other devices, such as the Nokia E71 or Nokia N96, Mail for Exchange can be accessed from the Download! folder.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler synchronizes the Nokia device to the Lotus Domino server, bringing real-time IBM Lotus Notes push email and PIM (Personal Information Management) synchronization, with no additional server or middleware required. Email (with attachments), calendar, address book, journal and to-do lists, are available to the Nokia device that the customer loves to use, including all Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries phones. The email service is available at no extra cost with new Lotus Domino servers and is delivered securely by IBM and IBM Channel partners.

Nokia Messaging is for anyone who wants to get connected with people who matter and respond to them in the shortest possible time. Understanding that Pakistani mobile phone users are somewhat techno-phobic, Nokia's latest email devices such as Nokia E72 provide only a 3-step email setup to let you start communicating the right messages in no time. A wide range of Nokia accessories such as Nokia Bluetooth BH-804, Nokia Retractable Car Charger DC-9 and Nokia Speakerphone HF-310 are the perfect tools to enhance your communication experience no matter where you are.