Research Analyst
Sep 27 - Oct 3, 2010

Sui gas field is the biggest natural gas field in Pakistan. It is located near Sui in Balochistan. The gas field was discovered in the late 1952 and the commercial exploitation of the field began in 1955.

Since then, the Sui field has been meeting a significant amount of the Pakistan's energy requirement.

The gas reserves discovered in Sui were to the tune of 11.69 trillion cubic feet. The biggest gas reserve in Pakistan is a real asset for the economic development of the country. The Sui Gas Field is still the single largest gas field in Pakistan.

Today the Sui gas field produces around 800 MMcf of natural gas daily from 87 wells completed during 58 years of production. The quantum of natural gas production from Sui Gas Field is a vital source of huge foreign exchange savings for the country as the same would have been spent on the import of energy had the gas reserves, in abundance, not been discovered. The operator of the field is Pakistan Petroleum Limited. Sui gas field is the seventh largest gas field in the world and the biggest in Pakistan at that time.


PPL started with great pace to explore the untapped and abundant energy resources. The saga of drilling operations which commenced in 1952 from Sui continues today in the year 2010. The Sui deep well was drilled down to 4,713 meters and gas was discovered in Pab sandstone formation in 1999.


There were times when the gas with natural pressure at 80 bars could be produced and supplied. But, as the consumption of natural gas increased manifold the pressure has gradually depleted to a level of 24 bars. In order to fulfill the commitment of required gas pressure, PPL installed a most sophisticated state-of-the-art Sui Field Gas Compressor Station (SFGCS) in 1986, costing the company millions of dollars and a number of year's hard labor. Design concept of SFGCS includes high reliability, in-house power generation, full automation and computerised control system, built-in safety mechanisms, in-house repair and maintenance facilities. For further improvement in efficiency and productivity continuous analysis and revision of operation and maintenance processes and plans were carried out. To remain competitive and industry leader continuous planning and replacement of obsolete plant equipment and control system is also carried out. Recent up-gradation/expansion includes installation of HP compressors, up-gradation of SML and SUL Distributed Control System (DCS), load shedding system, uninterrupted power supply, sui weather station, turbo-generators starting system and telephone exchange. Today, the SFGCS stands tall and works at 99.99 per cent efficiency level, higher than designed availability factor of 99.77 per cent. Installation of the compressor station in Sui is another milestone for PPL to have introduced the most modern technology in the oil and gas industry of Pakistan.


PPL acquired the gas purification plant, Sui field from SSGCL/SNGPL in July 2002. There are of eight gas purification banks and six dehydration units with total gas purification capacity of about 1000 MMCFD. The first purification bank at plant was installed in 1955 and later modular increments were made meeting the country demand for natural gas. The oldest purification bank-6 still in smooth operation at plant was installed in 1971; and the latest bank-13 in 1998.




Avg 10 years - 6.8
08-09 931,700 -
09-10 (e) 959,475 3.0

Purification plant has in-house integrated facility comprising of steam generation, power generation, raw water storage, water treatment (both softener & demineralisation units), air compressors for instrument air and laboratory for quality control. Sales gas quality is monitored by online installed gas chromatograph for detail gas analysis/ btu. Moisture analyser will also be soon online.

In order to increase plant reliability and ensure process optimisation, major revamping of instrumentation & control at the plant has recently been completed by utilising latest DCS technology. Similar revamping activities are in progress for replacement of pneumatic control system to electronic for the boilers trains as well.


Sui, an indigenous energy resource, brought about an industrial revolution in the country, which would have been very difficult, if not impossible, had Sui gas not been there.

It is the single largest source of energy supply in the country today. It meets about 26 per cent of Pakistan's primary energy needs. It has been a source of energy for industry, power generation, agriculture, commerce, and the family kitchen. Gas from Sui is also used as feedstock for the manufacture of fertiliser and other chemicals. It is used for almost all purposes for which natural gas could possibly be used. It has also saved precious foreign exchange and today it is the country's single largest foreign exchange saving resource.


Today Sui gas is available in all the four provinces of Pakistan almost throughout the length and breadth of the country. However, Sui gas field reserves are depleting at a rate of four to five per cent per year. If it continues with the same speed, these reserves could hardly last for eight to 10 years. Therefore, the government must look into other alternative solutions for the availability of gas in the country.