Aug 30 - Sep 05, 20

The large scale destruction and devastation caused by unprecedented floods across the country have raised a couple of tough questions that demand urgent answers.

The heart rendering scenes and their reports tell harrowing tales of unimaginable sufferings caused to tens of millions of people.

It is becoming increasingly evident that not only the government but also the opposition has failed miserably to meet the challenges posed by this natural disaster.

The entire system of the government and governance is disintegrating leaving no hope of any improvement in near future.

Corrupt and dishonest to the core, utterly inept and incompetent, the ruling elite from top to bottom have displayed a callous disregard to the myriad of problems faced by millions of their less fortunate fellow citizens.

The public opinions on many economic, social and political issues were never given any due respect by the government and its functionaries. In fact, the respect and honor is given only to the IMF and its harsh conditions are given more weight rather than the majority of the people of this country. The present government during almost three years never gave consideration to the peoples' opinion. For example, there has been an endless demand of the 95 percent people of this country to bring down the electricity prices through either reducing taxes or by using cheaper fuel - high fuel price propels inflation at a much faster speed in the economy. Unfortunately, no respect was paid to the people's opinion by the people at the helm of affairs which is sheer negation of democratic values.

Coming back to the flood situation, it is extremely important to determine the reasons behind the unprecedented flood which surely was not an accident alone. There is no second opinion that heightening of global warming is the major reason for torrential rains and glacier melting which is source of the deluge of such a gigantic magnitude. The global warming which is gradually changing the global weather at a faster rate needs immediate attention at the world forum to save the humanity from such a massive natural calamity. In fact, the developed countries are the major contributors to the pollution around the world and it is their responsibility to take immediate initiative to avoid or at least minimise recurrence of such fatal heart rendering incidents in the human history.

It will be interesting to mention that Pakistan is the largest consumer of fuel oil and diesel which is burnt for generation thermal power. Pakistan is always opposed to take advantage of its nuclear capability for cheap and environment friendly way of generating power. The developing nations or emerging economies are not allowed to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes which would also help to contain global warming.


Robert W. Gibson, British Deputy High Commission has said that UK government has doubled emergency aid to Pakistan and contributed 64 million pound sterling which is more than Rs8.5 billion besides developing a 10 million pound sterling bridge project to help flood affectees in Pakistan.

Speaking at a Press Brief at British High Commission last week, he said that UK government was providing food, medicines, clean water, and shelters to people as well as seeds to farmers so that they can restart crop planting.

When his attention was drawn towards the fact that the flash flood should not be taken as an accidental incident but one that was primarily caused by increasing global warming which mainly contributed by the developed countries, he said that his government is fully aware of the repercussions of the global warming and raising this issue at international forums.

Explaining the objective of the relief funds, he said that the aim is to provide emergency shelter for people whose houses have been washed away or seriously damaged by the monsoon floods.

He added that his government is working on lines to provide life saving treatment and care to severally malnourished children and pregnant/breast feeding women besides helping out to prevent further death and disease of the children and people of Pakistan affected by the recent floods.