Aug 23 - 29, 2010

Every one of us needs motivation. We know that every individual engages in activities that increase his or her chances to achieve more, especially when it comes to getting the right education; seeking a better occupation; bettering living standard and commanding higher social status and last but not the least, increasing chances of securing eternal life. We assume that lack-of-motivation is pivotal to almost every human performance problem. Ironically, resolving this paradox is not simple. It entails revisiting our understanding of the motivation as a holistic concept.

The real challenge, however, is about enabling individuals pursue their motivations with a responsibility to themselves and others. Motivation is never right or wrong, but it is the corporate culture or the society at large that approves or disapproves it. It either defines as most noble such as urgency to rise in one's career in many cases, or as harsh as a sin such as motivation to lead a carefree life or change the way work is done especially in the administrative work cultures.

A positive response from the society is likely to reinforce motivations, which are usually productive such as acknowledgement by the society of the individuals who demonstrate responsibility to their careers, however sometimes such reinforcements also turn out to be counterproductive. The negative social responses generally cause conflict between what is considered culturally legitimate and what individuals' are motivated for, which eventually encourages rebellious behaviors. Obviously, individuals defend their motivations as positions by denying the legitimacy of the cultural [social] norms sometimes on political and sometimes on other grounds. In this peculiar scenario, the only viable way to maintain work behaviors within a defined boundary is through resorting to "control mechanism" per se, yet individuals are smart enough to always circumvent it. Alternatively, accepting the individuals' motivation would allow better opportunities of maintaining their work behaviors within a defined boundary without "control mechanism". Instead, individuals' motivation should be harnessed through empowering [enlightening and enabling] them to pursue their motivations with a responsibility to themselves and others.

In short, instead of depriving them of their motivations for the benefit of organisations or the society at large, they should be educated to be able to protect theirs and others rights while pursuing their motivations.


Allah Al Mighty says; "Whether you counsel them or not, they will not understand for they are driven by their lust. In fact, they are worse than animals... Those who follow their lust are the friends of Satan..."

* Always have a rationale view of your aims. * Never follow your impulse.
* Have control over your aims (goals). * Never let your aims (goals) control you.

Allah Al Mighty says: "Surely your life hereafter is better [worth more] than this life...'

* Always aim for the future (long term) * Never compromise future gain for an immediate satisfaction.

Allah Al Mighty says, "In restrain is the respite and surely in restrain is the respite..."

* Always strive harder today for a better tomorrow. * Never prefer immediate ease (comfort) at the cost of losing your advantage tomorrow.

Allah Al Mighty says; "Who has achieved contentment on what Allah has bestowed to him (her), shall abode in the heavens (Insha Allah)..."

* Always cherish [be contended with] your achievements, however, small they may be. It will instill greater energy in you. * Never let your lust [greed] for more shadow your contentment.

Allah Al Mighty says; "Every soul is responsible to seek education... When you are done with your Jumma prayers, go forth (to the world of work) and seek Allah's fadal... Your parents, family, relatives, and the destitute have right on you (in your wealth)..."

* Always pursue your goals with a responsibility * Never aim your goals as your independent rights others have rights on you too.

Allah Al Mighty says; "Allah gives what HE wills to those who desire this life (transient achievements) but they will not have any share in the heavens. And Allah gives what HE wills in this life and in the heavens to those who ask HIS blessings in this life and life hereafter and HIS shelter from hell fire"

* Always aim on real (sustainable) achievements * Never let your impulse [illusion] disguise your aims

Allah Al Mighty says; "Oh Muhammad (Muslims) do not feel envy of those to whom Allah has given abundance of wealth and children..."

* Always count on your (blessings) advantages * Never compare with what others have been given (achieved)

Allah Al Mighty say; "Oh Muhammad PBUH (believers) neither Allah is angry with you nor HE has left you (forgotten) and your life hereafter will be much more worthy than this life..."

* Always be consistent in your efforts, hoping for the positive outcome * Never get discouraged when results don't come fast

Allah Al Mighty says; "Pray to Allah with fear and hope..."

* Always aim for the better than the last time * Never let your past achievements make you complacent
* Always aim to do right things the right way * Never assess your achievements in money terms

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, "Doomed are the those who's tomorrow does not get better than today..."