June 28 - July 04, 20

Mueenud Din Khan, Director Marketing of Wak Group said that 1600 MTons of LPG is being produced per day in the country. It is expected that in next 2 years the production would increase by another 1000 tons a day due to a new refinery being set up at coastal area. If it is done it would mean a surplus LPG in the county which would put pressure on this industry resulting in cutthroat competition among 72 LPG Marketing

Companies, especially when there is no level playing field for most of the industry members.

He stressed that now it is the time that government should pay attention to this upcoming industry which can prove to be a very efficient and cost effective alternate of gasoline in the auto sector. This would directly benefit the nation by cutting the petroleum import and would provide relief to auto sector by giving them an alternate high quality and economical fuel.

He also mentioned the shortage of natural gas in the country as it has been experienced in current winter where majority of the industry was standstill due to unavailability of natural gas. This shortage is a result of unplanned growth of CNG stations which are proving detrimental to the country industry. These CNG stations are eating into our valued national resources and soon there would be hardly any indigenous natural gas available.

Rightful steps would have been to encourage LPG auto filling stations rather than CNG as it is economical, and cost-effective option. This fuel is best suited for automotives and does not hurt the industrial growth nor bother the domestic gas sector. Although the two natural gas marketing companies Sui Southern and Sui Northern off late have realised the situation and are in the process of putting ban on new CNG stations realising that their mushroom growth is only beneficial economically for well-off population whereas million of industry workers have to suffer collectively due to loss of their jobs and industry & export suffered badly.

Khan has expressed his concern over OGRA's regulations for establishing LPG auto stations which have actually made it if not impossible very difficult to install LPG auto stations e.g. piece of land to develop LPG auto station has been made double in size i.e. 10,000 sqft as compared to CNG one. Lots of permission and fees have been involved to discourage something which is really a need of the hour. Both the country as a whole as well as conservation of our national resource can be benefited if proper planning is done. If we look around in most part of the world it is LPG which is used as an alternate fuel of gasoline not CNG.

From the point of view of common users LPG will be a preferred product as it would be more effective for the engine-no residual or un-burnt emission - so it is more environmental friendly as well as LPG conversion kit is 1/3 of the CNG kit. Regarding the domestic use of LPG there are some unbranded and fake kind of cylinders being produced and distributed in the market which should be banned.

Talking about Wak Gas, Khan said that it is the first ISO 9001 certified company which has the largest network of distributors with largest and biggest storage which in fact is more than 6000 MTons at one point of time. It has a customer base of over 4 million Wak Brand cylinder users. Numerous industry units both in textile as well as consumer items sectors are being served by this brand. Wak is in process of developing a chain of LPG auto stations across the country and seek government support to do so.

Wak has the pride of being selected by UNDP Program for distribution of LPG in AJK as well as was solely selected by the government of northern areas as only LPG company qualifying to distribute LPG in entire northern areas of Pakistan.

Wak has surely assumed the position of leadership not only due to its massive size but due to its successful becoming BRAND OF CHOICE and having a vision which lies on strategy providing product and services of international quality on time, every time with the right price.