May 17 - 23, 2010

The government needs to review its policy, and switch over to LPG for vehicles and allow setting up of LPG stations across the country that would go a long way in significantly reducing the burden of unemployment apart from saving energy for industrial use, said Ahsan Mahmood Butt, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FAS Group of Companies.

Ahsan Mahmood Butt was critical of the elements who are using substandard LPG gas cylinders. "New LPG companies who jumped into LPG business are using substandard gas cylinders posing serious threat to the surroundings."

In an interview with Page, Ahsan Mahmood shared his views about the problems confronted to the country's industrial sector particularly in the aftermath of persistent power crisis and high cost of doing business.

Talking about energy crisis, he said the crisis caused devastating effects for the industrial sector, which is working below its capacity. The government instead of burdening the industrial sector by levying more and more taxes apart from raising electricity and petroleum tariffs must facilitate the industrialists in real sense, he said.

Butt said, "If a decision on Kalabagh Dam was not taken immediately it would be very difficult for both the industrial and domestic consumers to utilize costly thermal electricity."

He said that everybody could calculate per unit rate of electricity when the dollar would jump up to higher prices and the prices of oil in the international market would surge.

He said that decision on Kalabagh Dam would not only earn a good name for the present government but it would also be sending a very positive signal to the international community.

He said that the Kalabagh Dam would generate electricity at the rate of 60 paisa per unit, which would be almost free if is compared with existing electricity tariff.

Since we deal with all types of imported LPG fittings, equipment, and accessories we are able to provide a complete solution for LPG Auto Gas stations on turnkey basis, he added. He was of the view that Pakistan's industry is suffering badly due to switching over of vehicles on CNG.

He also expressed strong reservations over high cost of doing business in the country. Citing an example, Butt said that average price of steel which was Rs39,000 per ton four months ago has now reached Rs69,000.

In such a situation, when steel prices are continuously rising, how it is possible for industrialists to meet export orders. The rising prices of steel are a serious issue, which needs to be addressed by the government by fixing prices of steel for industrial sector.

FAS Group of Companies is a trusted name in the country's industrial sector. This group comprises of FAS Tube Mills and Engineering Industries Ahsan Brothers, Shahrukh & Company and Farrukh Brothers.

Talking about FAS Tube Mills and Engineering Industries, he said, "It is recognized as one of the leading brands in Pakistan for providing secure and updated LPG equipment manufactured at modem and extended facilities as per International Standards (approved by the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority).

"In the year 2000, we became the First ISO-9002 Certified Company, manufacturing this category of equipment in Pakistan. Our consistent adherence to high standards and quality has enabled us to qualify and achieve the ISO 9001-2008 Certification as well."

He said, "With over four decades of experience in Steel and Fabrication Industry, we are acclaimed as one of the most recognized vendors for the Pakistan Steel Mill, and maintain good rapport with its business associates. FAS Tube Mills and Engineering Industries has been nominated by FAS Flussiggas Anlagen (Germany), as exclusive distributors of their products in Pakistan.

"We are also working as sole representative of NINNELT International GmbH, Salzgitter (Germany) in Pakistan for LPG Filling Scales, and lately FAS has also extended its collaboration with SAMJIN Oil & Gas Co Ltd Korea for LPG Automobile Stations, Vehicle LPG Conversion Kits, LPG Fittings/Equipment and various other engineering & technical services in order to diversify the scope of work and provide a range of products and services to customers." He said we have enhanced our production facility by setting up a new plant at Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore.