Director Sales & Marketing, Hinopak Motors Limited

15 - 21, 2010

Pakistan is an emerging market for automobiles and automotive parts offers immense business and investment opportunities. The Automobile industry has been an active and growing field in Pakistan for a long time.

Hinopak Motors Limited, the largest manufacturer of trucks and buses in Pakistan is playing a vital role for the growth of automobile sector in Pakistan by providing the latest technological based commercial vehicles as per the requirements of the transporters of Pakistan.

Established in 1986, Hinopak is a Japanese owned multinational company with majority shares with Hino Motors Japan (59%) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (30%). Hinopak is the first company to introduce the concept of 3S Dealers network in the commercial vehicles sector, which offers Sales, Service and Spare Part facilities all under one roof. Our comprehensive network of offices, 3S Service Dealers and Spare Parts Dealers are strategically located throughout the country and benefiting the transporters even at the remotest of locations.

Hinopak Motors Limited has become a role model for Pakistan's engineering sector in general and automobile industry in particular. The key strengths for Hinopak Motors Limited are its "reliable and economical" brand image developed by its quality products, its outstanding production technologies and the firm trust by its customers. Its customers are assured of the highest quality products meeting all quality and environmental standards.

In a year 2008 in which the world confronted extraordinary economic challenges and economic recession, Pakistan's own peculiar problems such as political disturbance, falling value of rupee both against yen and dollar, acute shortage of energy, high inflation and rising interest rates all had their adverse impact on the production cost and income of the company.

We are fortunate that our principals Hino Motors, Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation provided their full support to strive in the market and perform with great resolve, supported by proven strategies and strong execution to satisfy our customers' needs.

Hinopak is capable to rewire the organization to be ready to serve the needs of a changing world. We at Hinopak understand that the significant challenges ahead offer tremendous potential for our business to continue to grow and thrive, and we know we must adapt and change to capture this growth. Our ability to continually improve our operations, advance our market presence and increase sales year after year helps us earn the confidence of our customers. We are constantly assessing new opportunities to reach customers and meet their evolving needs. We are focused on thinking about what our customers want right now and anticipating what they will want tomorrow.

Our Company's presence in almost every market where our products are sold provides us with valuable local insights into the customers, trends, and economic and social influences in each of our markets. This knowledge allows us to monitor our growth and identify opportunities for expansion. We are committed to satisfy our customers with technological innovation, economical product, environmental protection and increased safety. In an intensely competitive industry and challenging market, Hinopak is steadily moving forward in the right direction.

Recently in order to address the basic requirement of providing decent, safe and, economical intra city passenger moment, the City District Government Karachi envisages introduction of fuel efficient, environmentally friendly large new CNG buses. This pilot project of induction of first few CNG buses in the Karachi transport system is one such step which will augurs well for the citizens of Karachi. It will provide impetus for the future induction of both new CNG and Diesel buses in Karachi and also in other cities of Pakistan.

Hinopak successfully delivered 50 units of CNG buses to City District Government Karachi. Commuters of Karachi are now enjoying the operation of recently introduced CNG buses by CDGK. Due to the technical expertise and strong backup support of Hinopak, delivered vehicles are running successfully in their respective route operations. Hinopak being the largest manufacturer of trucks and buses in Pakistan is committed to national cause of sustainable development and prosperity and Hino AK1J CNG Buses is one such step which will improve our existing engineering base and will provide a much need respite to the people of Pakistan by providing elegant looking, economical and environmentally friendly buses.

We are determined to build Hinopak image into one that is highly regarded and strongly positioned in global markets. Hinopak is Pakistan's first automobile company to export its buses to Middleast and African countries in early 1990's and once again Hinopak will soon take a gigantic leap in the international market by starting export of buses to Middle East and Africa. It is proud to mention that Hinopak has been chosen as a hub by its principal Hino Motors, Ltd., Japan for manufacturing Hino buses for export to Middle East and Africa.

In this regard the first meeting with Hino distributors from Middleast and Africa was held in November last year, where Hino distributors showed their keen interest in Hino buses because of their quality which is not less than any international bus.

In general the challenge for the overall industry particularly for automobile industry is serious, we are hopeful that this phase will wipe out with the passage of time. It is the responsibility of the economic masters to show professionalism and maturity during these hard times. The uplift of auto sector will also depend on the ability to develop and produce a wide range of superior quality vehicles for our markets, strong bond with major suppliers, reduction in production costs, and financial developments for capital investments.