Research Analyst
22 - 28, 2010


Greenwich University is duly recognized by the higher education commission (HEC) as an autonomous degree-awarding university. The university was established under an Act of Sindh Government. Greenwich University, as a seat of higher learning, is known for its academic excellence and recognized across the world as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Pakistan.

Greenwich is also legally empowered to offer its degree program overseas, and to grant affiliation to other institutions.


Arts Social Sciences
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Arts Management Sciences
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Social Sciences .
Arts Islamic Learning
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Academic counseling program is designed to assist all students in their academic needs, course planning, program selection, probation counseling, and change of academic status. It has full time academic advisors. Students are required to meet with an advisor before each term's registration to have their course schedules approved.

The degree program requires orientation courses for all new full-time/part-time students. It helps the students to obtain various other details about the program, to build relationship with the faculty members, and to familiarize with the system of teaching.


Special emphasis is placed on learning or improving language skills. All the degree programs either have optional or compulsory language content. In order to make sure that language learning is optimum for the students the university has liaison with the best language learning facilities at Islamabad and Karachi. To ensure standards, there is a compulsory requirement of achieving a TOEFL score of at least 550 at the end of all degree programs.


University's computer lab is equipped with microcomputers and essential software, and is in access of all registered students. All branded computers are Pentium IV, supported by LAN and WI-FI networking. The lab has latest devices including HP laser jet printers, scanner, and video camera etc.


Fee for obtaining and submitting admission documents 1000
Undergraduate course tuition fee per credit hour (level 100-400) 2667
Graduate tuition fee per credit hour (level 500) 3500
Registration fee per semester (undergraduate program) 3000
Registration fee per semester (graduate program) 4000
Sports/extra curricular activities fees 2000
Computer lab fee/Library/ Research support facilities 2000
Examination fee per course 500
Development fund 2000

Physics provides the base to understand physical nature of a system. The courses in the field of electronics are analog and digital electronics, communication systems data and computer courses, which are supported by a well equipped electronics lab, in which analog digital and communication experiments are carried out by students. These courses not only increase the scope and job opportunities around the world but also play an important role in nation's development. In addition, these subjects help students to understand hardware of computer system.


Admissions in universities in Pakistan are often as tough a task as to find a compatible match as number of educational institutes in the country is insufficient. Dearth of universities can be gauged from the fact that there are just 124 universities in Pakistan. Only 16 universities were established in two decades.

Acceptance rate for most of the universities is below 5 percent, which is horribly low when compared with other international universities. Scarcity of good educational institutes has led to rise in competition and students have to pass through number of entrance test and interviews for admissions. Although, it is a good practice but students from rural areas are usually left behind in the race since they do not have money and access to preparation for aptitude test.

To boost the use of technology in educational institutes, government needs to provide laptops, computers, software, and multimedia at subsidized rate. With establishment of more open universities, rate of literacy can be substantially improved since these programs are relatively inexpensive for both students and educational institutions.


In order to make private universities affordable to students, government needs to closely monitor their cost and fee structure since high fee structure shows that these institutions have been commercialized. Competition commission of Pakistan must interfere in to the affairs.

As far as Greenwich University is concerned, it considers education a lifelong endeavor, and therefore, constantly develops its programs to provide the students with professional skills and knowledge to take their place as leaders in the world of business, commerce, or any other professions they may choose to pursue.