Oct 12 - 18, 2009

Sunrise Capital (Pvt.) Ltd., a corporate member of Karachi Stock Exchange (G) Ltd, established and started operations as an equity brokerage house on August 08, 2009, with a wide vision to serve financial sector.

Sunrise Capital is licensed and regulated by the securities and exchange commission of Pakistan under section 32 of the companies' ordinance 1984. It has corporate universal identification no: 0069991, Registration no: BRK 225, Member Code: 118.

Sunrise Capital primarily serves corporate, financial institutions, private equity, mutual funds, and investment advisors to give new direction to their investment returns. Services of SRC include equity brokerage, distribution of funds, in-house research, analysis, and portfolio management. The aim is to build relationships and manage existing books of business with their valued clients.

SRC is playing a key role in capital market, delivering timely market updates to its customers and its employees are the best human resource from the capital market and financial industry in Pakistan.

Muhammad Azam Khan is the Chief Executive and a nominee Director of Sunrise Capital (Pvt.) Ltd. He is a recognized leader whose vision and operational expertise has proven invaluable to the organization.

Mr. Azam has acquired Master of Business Administration from University of Karachi. He has a far-reaching experience of working on key positions during his twelve years of professional life. At initial stage, he headed the Marketing Department at Mashreq Bank, Dubai. Working with Mashreq Bank, he improvised and established marketing philosophy, techniques and provided impetus to their growth with the help of his academic background. He enjoyed rendering and contributing his expertise to Atlas Capital efficiently with inordinate dedication, where he not only anticipated various ups and downs and financial crisis of capital market in 2005 but also suggested successful and esoteric way-outs, which became the root for Atlas to maintain its independent existence.

He also held a key position at Standard Capital Securities (Pvt) Ltd., discharging his responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer. He proved himself as an eminent employee of the company with unbeatable leadership qualities, multifaceted management skills, extraordinary experience of working for financial and capital organizations which fostered the reputation of Standard Capital in the socio-economical harmony which has grown out of the market, extended business limitations and recorded as one of the thriving company in his times. Even in 2008, despite the turbulence, financial shocks, and uncertainties in the financial services industry, he gave a new evidence of his unmatched qualities by supporting SCS employing his practical approach firmly.

Mr. Azam interacts with traders and sales team and he believes that he and his clients manage the liquidity, capital risks, profile, and cost. His immense knowledge and skills have been honored by print and electronic media, where he prominently appeared and articulately exchanged his esteemed opinions about macro economic and financial market issues in Pakistan and region.

The most salient feature of Sunrise Capital Pvt Ltd is entirely based on significant research and studies under his supervisory team which focuses on international, high net-worth and institutional clients through working friendly in a professional environment.

As he is one of the most senior and renowned experts in the capital market, he along with his employees utilize all of his sources to ensure the availability of maximum knowledge and information to keep updating their clients. Sunrise Capital is very disciplined in the risks they take and have no direct exposure in stock market. They also take a very disciplined approach towards the management of their cost base, continue to drive for greater efficiency in everything they do and manage their own investors investment program on a dynamic basis.

Being a Chief Executive Officer, Azam's core responsibilities include the leadership and management of SRC for the achievement of administrative, operational, research and sales & marketing objectives, anticipating future business dimensions and to substantiate as a value added brokerage house in capital market.

Azam undoubtedly is a man of commitment whose consequential approach will take SRC to its apex level and it will be ranking amongst the top capital securities of the country very soon.