Feb 02 - 08, 2009

About the Author :

Syed Zulqarnain Jafri - Regional Manager Power System for Allied Engineering & Services limited is Mechanical Engineer by Profession, holding a Masters degree in Business Administration and is qualified Six Sigma BLACK BELT from CATERPILLAR University.

Professional Experience: Working in Power Generation Segment since 1998, Played a pivotal role is developing two business units for the Organization i.e;

* Allied Rental Division
* Allied NON Electric Chiller Division

Executed several Six Sigma Projects for Organization, Presently he is Head of Southern Region sales of CATERPILLAR Power generation equipment & National Manager for BROAD Non Electric Chillers

With a fine Blend of Engineering & Commercial qualification and proper statistical control he is able to lead Sales team and has generated record Sales and gain customers Satisfaction for several consecutive years. Caterpillar has around 12,000/ 2500 MW installation is Pakistan.


With the changing business dynamics and scares resources today's BUZZ WORD among professionals is "Energy Conservation". Under-developed countries like Pakistan with Shortage of around 7,000 MW Electric Power should now think not to only utilize Alternate energy sources to generate Power but has to focus on recovering waste heat generated from installed Power Plants. This can be done by effective utilization of exhaust & Jacket water heat to generate cooling . This can be used for district cooling on Macro basis or if recovery is from self Power generation units of industrial Plant and commercial buildings the cooling can be used in Process or building Comfort Air-conditioning respectively. This can be done by using BROAD Non - Electric Heat Recovery Absorption Chillers and we can save substantial electric load on the Plant as Electric chillers will be replace by Non electric chillers and operating cost will be reduced by around 85~90%.

As we know from law of thermodynamics that "Energy can be neither created nor can be destroyed but it can be changed from One Form to Another"

To explain my point of view i am developing a case study for your easy understanding, let us assume a installation of 1.7 MW Power Plant ( i.e, Caterpillar G3520 C genset ) used to Power a commercial building of 240,000 sqft. If they want to install central Air-Conditioning system of 350 USRT to cool 105,000 sqft space by using water cooled electric chiller additional power of 385 ekW will be required to operate compressor of the chiller. We Allied can provide cost effective solution to customer by recovering waste heat of installed CAT G3520 C to generator cooling.

Typical fuel used to generate 1.7 MW Power from Gas genset is 517 m3/hr at the cost of 10.92 per meter cube i.e, monitory terms fuel input is Rs.5,646 per hr.

Heat Recovery Potential from 60% of waste heat is around 55% i.e, from Exhaust of genset and Jacket water of genset. This means we can save Rs.3,105 per hr if we can utilize this heat.. Total saving per year will be Rs.15.5 Million when operating hrs are 5,000 per annum.

This waste heat can be used to produce;

* Steam for Process

* Air Conditioning by using BROAD heat recovery chillers

* Hot Air for Process

* Hot water for Process.

Refer to attached schematic showing WASTE HEAT RECOVERY Using BROAD Heat Recovery Chiller. Available heat from Jacket water of G-3520 C genset is 969 kWth and 1202 kWth @120 deg C from Exhaust of the genset. Theoratically, at 100% genset loading 419 USRT can be generated from Exhaust of genset and around 182 USRT can be generated from Jacket Water of the genset.

With this concept in mind, we are able to design a total CCP (Combined cooling and Power ) with System efficiency at 89%. We are not utilizing traditional way of using waste heat recovery boiler to generate hot water or steam to feed Absorption Chiller as this system is not considered as energy efficient system because of low boiler efficiency and low COP of hot water chiller.

We are using the world number one BROAD Flue Gas Absorption Chiller which can directly utilize exhaust of the genset without using a waste heat recovery boiler. This chiller is also capable to use Jacket water of the genset into Low Temperature Generator to produce cooling. Thus minimizing the piping work and maximizing the system efficiency as shown in schematic. Heat Recovery chiller is also equipped with Auxiliary Gas fuel Burner so you can get cooling even at low loads on genset as auxiliary burner will compensate waste heat with direct firing.

In Pakistan Aga Khan Hospital Karachi is utilizing BROAD Absorption Chillers of 7,000 USRT due to reliability and Quality. BROAD Waste heat recovery chillers are installed at Tri-pack films, Nestle, Nishat, zephyre, PSL, Allied Motors, Fazal Cloth, Ibrahim Fibers, Nabi Qasim Pharma, Solar center and FTC etc. We are contributing to save Power and utilize waste heat from generators to produce cooling. For query you can contact me on e-mail OR visit our web side

More than 25,000 International installation of waste heat recovery Non electric Chillers i.e, At Austin USA, Fort Bragg Airforce base, Madrid Airport, Thiland Airport, Malaysia Government City,53 installation at DLF India - ( Number one Real Estate Developer ) etc.

Only by Breaking away from the dependence upon fossil fuel and fully adopting renewable and recyclable energy can human kind maintain this living Space.

(for figures please refer Pakistan & Gulf Economist Hard copy)