Feb 02 - 08, 2009

Senator Babar Ghauri, Federal Minister for Port & Shipping has disclosed that his ministry has decided to develop a deep-water container terminal at Karachi port with a draft of 18 meters having capacity to accommodate the calling mother ships at the Karachi port.

In this connection a formal announcement will be made sometime next month. He also said that taking advantage of the drastic cut in ship prices, Pakistan has decided to buy four vessels including three cargo ships and one oil container to strengthen its fleet.

Arrangement for inviting bids have already made and the deal would be materializes soon.

Discussing the situation at newly developed Gwadar Port, the minister for port and shipping said that construction of rail and road link of the Gwadar Port is in the process to streamline the function of the port. So far, the government shipments especially of Urea is being unloaded at Gwadar Port as so far 12 ships have called at Gwadar to unload

The Urea shipments. He said the government considering assigning shipments other than Urea at Gwadar Port as well. He said actually, the first right on the benefits of Gwadar port goes to the people of Balochistan the government would accommodate from 1 to 16 grade services of the port.

His ministry also intended to develop a park at boat basin in Karachi, while the development work of the two islands near Karachi is also under way. When a questioner asked about the dispute between the provincial and the federal government over the title of the land in these island, the minister said that the matter has already been resolved amicably and now there is no dispute on the development of these two islands.

Discussing the economic crisis and financial meltdown faced by the country, which calls for collective efforts to get through the difficult tikes. However, he regretted that that while the country is passing through the most difficult times in the face of worldwide economic recession and financial turmoil, people from certain quarters showing their indifference to the crisis busy in staging long march! Which amounts to weaken the national fiber, he remarked as the

The Federal Minister was talking to the press for the first timing of taking over charge of his ministry at Karachi Port Trust here today.

He said in fact this is the time when the country needs harmony and concerted efforts to get out of the worldwide crisis, however staging demonstrations and long march just for restoration of any body looks strange, as they don't have any care of the country and the people. This is the time to shun our ideological differences in the face of security concerns at our borders.

He expressed the hope that President Zardari will honor his commitments and promises he made when he visited at MQM head quarter soon after coming to power.

Babar said that nature is kind to Pakistan and has given us any thing we imagine, see our mountains, lakes, rivers, sea and green pastures as well as deserts and rich lands with precious mineral, we have to express our gratitude and put these natural resources for the good of the people and to change the lot of the poor. Referring the situation in Sawat, which he said was the heaven of Pakistan. Unfortunately this heaven has been turn into hell by the extremist by challenging the writ of the government.

He reiterated his earlier stance that urban centers of the country including Karachi was not safe and need to be protected from these extremist who are out to destroy the image and the peace of the country for their vested interests.