June 29 - July 5, 2009

Pakistan won the international event of T20 world cup 2009 at a time when it was much needed especially in the face of nerve shattering law and order situation accompanied by bomb blasts, suicide attacks and other acts of violence adding to the woes of the depressed people of this country.

In fact, the young heroes of Pakistan cricket team disproved the soul injuring perception currently in vogue that sectarianism, provincialism, ethnicity, and heightening of political crisis have fragmented people of this country.

The prayers by men, women and children offered at every home before the world shaking victory and thereafter broad grin on every face irrespective to their socio-political or regional affiliation sent a message across the world that people have a great love and affection for their country.

The jubilant youngsters filled with joy and happiness looking at the Pakistani heroes stands with a pride and hope that the young generation has the potential to do something for the people to bring smile of true joy on their faces and they should not give up the hope for better days ahead.

The joy of the youngsters knew no bounds when Shahid Afridi hit the winning shot, they started dancing on the streets, and people exchanged congratulations in every corner of the country. These moments of happiness proved that hearts of the people from all walks of life right from Karachi to Khyber throb for Pakistan. The countrywide celebration was also the reminiscent of Iqbal's couplet "zara num ho to yeh mitti bohat zarghez hay saqi".

In fact this great occasion should also be taken as an eye opener that nation is still looking for the real statesmanship like Quaid-i-Azam who could foster sustainable unity by bringing people on one platform under the aegis of the national flag to tell the world that people of Pakistan have the spark and passion to live and die for their homeland.

Despite unbearable hot and humid summer, a huge crowd gathered at Jinnah Terminal, extended a hero's welcome to skipper Younis Khan. A large number of emotionally charged cricket lovers besides Younis' family members, friends gathered hours before the arrival of Younis Khan at the airport to welcome the heart winning captain. Flower petals were showered as soon as Younis came out from the airport. The crowd raised slogans in favor of Younis Khan and Pakistan.

The happiness and joy over the victory was not confined to the social circles alone, even the people of trade and industry also joined happy chorus of welcoming the national heroes as different business forums, trade bodies and leading corporate houses have chalked out plans to honor the winners by organizing grand events throughout the country.

Anjum Nisar, President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry has highly appreciated the performance of Pakistani Cricket Team for winning the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. While speaking on the KCCI get-together to celebrate the winning, he stated that the nation was going through a tough period of depression due to deteriorating law and order situation in the major cities and unrest in the Swat, Dir and northern areas of Pakistan. The T20 cricket world cup winning has brought smiles on the gloomy faces of the citizen especially youth which is the 70 percent of the whole population. The team spirit and united efforts were amazing and appreciable, he added.

KCCI has planned to extend a reception in honor of cricket heroes to celebrate the historic achievement next month. The winning of world cup was a morale building gift to the nation in present hard times. KCCI will celebrate Golden Jubilee of its establishment in August, 2009.

Anjum Nisar while applauding the Cricket Team conveyed message to the KCCI members and business community for unity and team spirit to achieve their objective to boost trade and economy of Pakistan when the nation's economy is facing slowdown.

After winning of Pakistani team Karachiites came on the roads and celebrated in their old way.

Like other corporate houses, Habib Bank Limited hosted an award ceremony at the HBL Plaza to celebrate the performance of its stars, Younis Khan, Shahid Afridi, Umer Gul, and Ahmed Shehzad in the ICC World Twenty20.

World championship title was regained after a hiatus of 17 years and the honor could not have come at a better time for the nation. The Pakistani team played exceptionally well, imparting a sense of pride to every citizen both at home and abroad and elevating the country's spirits.

HBL has always been a supporter of cricket, promoting great players over the last few decades. It remains committed to the development of sports in the country and this dedication has today resulted in not only the victory of their own players but the entire team and the nation at large.

Zakir Mahmood, President & CEO of HBL praised the hard work and winning spirit of the Pakistani cricket team. "Our team has brought happiness and glory to the country and I would like to take this time to appreciate their efforts and remind them that our support is always with them." He further added, "HBL has always been committed to sports and Younis and Shahid have been with the bank for over 10 years. We begin to support our player's right at the outset of their careers and we will continue to supply future sportsmen as well. I am honored to present them with these awards." Younis Khan, Shahid Afridi and Umer Gul received cash awards of Rs. 2 million each and Ahmed Shehzad received Rs. 1 million. Younis Khan also received a car in acknowledgement of spectacular 313 runs against Sri Lanka in February this year.

The ceremony was well attended by HBL executives and staff. An enthusiastic crowd congratulated the players on their individual achievements and applauded their journey through the tournament in bringing the World Cup home.