May 11 - 17, 2009

Corporate sector's interest in IoBM is influenced by broadening and deepening of new and career focused academic programs. Academic programs offered at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) incorporate all such fields as Marketing, Human Resource Development, Accounts, Finance, Economics, IT and allied disciplines for over 3500 students at its sister Colleges comprising College of Business Management (CBM), College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) and College of Economics and Social Development (CESD). Besides BBA and MBA, IoBM is offering BS Joint Honors programs in Economics, Finance, Banking, Financial Mathematics and Statistics.


In 1998 MBA (Health and Hospital Management) program started in which over 100 students have graduated since 2001 out of a total enrollment of 250.

In 2005, BS programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, first of its kind in Pakistan, was launched: now duly accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

In 2006 we also introduced a program MBA in Industrial Management. This was done in response to the growing need for Engineers with management skills.

In 2005, MBA programme (Media Management) has been introduced for media expertise induced by a large number of TV channels that started operating in recent years.

In 2006 MBA in Advertising and Communication Program commenced in collaboration with the Marketing Association of Pakistan(MAP).

In 2008 IoBM started MBA (Education Management) program, first of its kind in Pakistan modeled on London University's Institute of Education. It is designed to upgrade teachers' administrative skills working for the Foundation of Higher Education's Creek High School and for other institutions.

In 2008 another program, MBA in Telecommunication Management was initiated. With positive response to this programme we have prepared BS Course in this area which will be launched in 2009. BS in Commerce, MBA in Finance and Risk Management and BS in Actuarial Science and Risk Management are to be offered from Fall 2009.

BS Joint Honors in Management and Policy Studies is envisaged. MBA Hospitality Management emphasizing cultural anthropology is in the offing. Environment and Disaster Management Program focusing civilian management and NGOs is also being devised. In 2008 an HEC-compliant M.Phil Program leading to Ph.D. has started.


Extra-curricular activities in the form of students' societies keep the atmosphere alive and absorbing. There are a number of such societies: Marketing, Finance, IT Club, Youth Club, HRM, Sports. Dialogue, Debating, Dramatics, Strategic Management, Mathematics, Entertainment and Publications. Regular events and activities impress, entertain, enthrall and inspire students, teachers, parents and management alike --->


IoBM held an HEC-supported International Conference on "Sindh Progress and Prospects" in collaboration with University of Sindh in August 08. It led to the creation of Centre for Research in Sindh (CRIS) under the Chairmanship of Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Speaker, Sindh Assembly. CRIS will work as think tank for Sindh Government, designed as a public-private partnership venture.

The first meeting of CRIS was held on November 22, 2008 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro. It discussed in detail research projects and formed a working group of senior government officials and IoBM representatives to undertake completion of approved projects. Recently CRIS organized a Seminar on budget proposals for Sindh 2009-2010 at this venue.

IoBM has a Research Department headed by a Director. IoBM MBA is research intensive and every optional course is designed to include a research component. IoBM publishes Pakistan's first academic business research quarterly. It is supervised by an international advisory board of business academics from national and international organizations.


IoBM has developed very good working relationship with the corporate sector, so much so that our placement department has received more than 400 requests from leading businesses in the country for our graduating students during 2008. Recruitment teams of a number of major corporations visited our campus. These included Aga Khan University & Hospital, Glaxo SmithKline, United Bank, Unilever, Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, ABN Amro Bank, Faysal Bank, Bank Alfalah and others.


From being meticulous learners with top grades to executive stature amid all grace, IoBM alumni stands distinguished in corporate circles. Placed at key managerial positions at national and multinational levels, IoBM alumni has actually reversed the 'brain drain' adding enormously to corporate and personal excellence and contributing quietly to the creative and contemporary vim and vitality of Pakistan. It is heartening for both IoBM and its alumni to relish a sense of belonging to each other through such an imperative link and liaison that carry shared cheers and rejuvenation from scrupulous academic inter-action and blossoming student's activities to newer and brighter horizons of inspiring and rewarding inter-action.

As an important part of the IoBM family, the attention of Alumni is drawn towards such aspects of mutual coordination and rewards as making Alumni Card, highlighting Alumni in 'IoBM News', participation of Alumni in IoBM programs, events and activities, welcoming/sharing suggestions from/with the Alumni. IoBM cherishes its Alumni indeed! It is an important part of the IoBM family. In view of the importance of and interaction with the Alumni, IoBM invited and welcomed its Alumni for a meeting followed by lunch at 12:00 noon, Saturday April 25, 2009 at the IoBM auditorium. The objective of this meeting was well-served: It was home-coming occasion for the Alumni and the formation of an IoBM Alumni Association towards better and brighter horizons for the IoBM family and for Pakistan indeed.