Nov 03 - 09, 2008

In the human life, habit of both physical exercise and walking scenario play very significant role in development of one,s sound health and sound mind. One has to develop and make programme for adopting the habits of exercise and walking in his daily life. In Pakistan a very little numbers of people are involved in such habits. There are many reasons for not adopting such habits and these are lawlessness in the cities, insecure life and property, poverty, un-safe environmental conditions and many others phenomena in one,s life.

It is an established fact that regular exercise plays an important role in body building for sound health. Such habit helps in reducing the blood pressure and thus physical exercise undoubtedly helps to reduce also the heart attack risk. Exercise provides significant benefits for physical health and is a noted and predictable element in the diabetes management, Research shows that exercise can be very useful tool for heart disease treatment , effectively reducing known risk factors of vascular diseases. It also helps to manage blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and weight. Moderate exercise of 150 minutes per week can significantly decrease progression of diabetes among people showing signs of impaired glucose tolerance, pre-existing condition to develop diabetes. Exercise has also shown benefits for psychological and emotional health.

Studies demonstrate that exercise has the same impact on psychological health as antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. Additionally, exercise may also lift spirits and reduce stress. In fact studies suggest that exercise can be used as a additional treatment for psychological disorders such as anxiety or depression which many diabetes suffer from. Psychological distress may cause diabetes to neglect their health resulting in further psychological degradation which can in turn cause additional complications such as eye problems, kidney malfunctions, increase blood pressure and frequent infections. Despite the known benefits of exercise, few diabetes adopt this as apart of their routine. It is essential for health are providers and diabetes and family medicine practitioners to discuss specific exercise strategies with their patients. Exercise build the strength of one,s heart muscles so that it can work more easily. Exercise can also have beneficial effects of high blood pressure and reduced blood cholesterol level.

Offering five times prayers is another kind of very important religious exercise because there is movement of whole body through prostration , adoration and standing and bending.

The another item, the walking helps to keep our blood pressure down. Studies have shown that regular walkers produce low density lipoproteins( LDL) cholesterol and more high density lipoproteins( HDL) cholesterol which is better for everyone. Brisk walking on the level land , or hill walking , swimming and cycling and participation in sports such as football are examples of the kind of exercise we need to consider

Walking is a way of exploring the countryside. Walking regularly may reduce heart attack. Walking also has to be regular if it is to go on helping i.e for at least 20-30 minutes three times a week, cycling and participation in sports such as football are examples of the kind of exercise we need to consider. Regular brisk walking also ward off aching joints and potential bone problems such as osteoporosis- the unpleasant and often painful thinning of the bones. For walking w do not need any special equipment just a pair of strong and comfortable shoes, which supports our heels and arches. We should build a walk into our journey to work. One should get off the bus early or park away from the office and enjoy the challenge of longer walks in shorter times. We should save the expense of driving to the shops, walk instead. Walking is a great way of exploring the countryside. We should not use the lift or escalator. Walking briskly up and down stairs is really good for the heart. Walking is very low-risk anf if one build it up gradually then the heart will grow stronger. One will has more energy to do other things and one will has fewer aches and pains as one,s muscle go stronger.

In addition to brisk walking one should also make habit of cleaning house windows, dusting house doors, vacuum cleaning of carpets, cooking, cleaning utensils in the house, sweeping floors and open places, jogging, running, cycling swimming, stairways, weight lifting, yoga and gymnastic. Playing with sports such as base ball, basket ball, boxing, playing golf, hockey, football , horse riding, playing jodoo, squash. table tennis. tennis, volley ball etc. One must drink at least 12 glasses of water.

Reducing salt intake from 12g per day to 3g per day would reduce the cause of possible heart diseases. Moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day is essential. Lifestyle changes play an important role in preventing the risk of heart disease. Some personal choices in lifestyle and behavior such as consumption of fruits and vegetables avoiding the use of tobacco, and lowering body weight.

Stress and depression are very dangerous for one health. Physical exercise and walking will completely upset the benefits of physical fitness , if one has developed stress and depression in mind. Stress is silent killer. Stress condition is very bad for man. Stress makes the body to produce adrenaline which stimulates the heart to beat faster. No one escape from the burden of stress. There are many reasons for developing stress and these are: death of spouse, divorce, marital separation, death of close family member, personal illness or injury, marriage, retirement, sex difficulties, business readjustment, change in financial state, death of close friend, trouble with in-laws, trouble with boss, change in residence, change in social activities, change in sleeping habits, change in eating habits, minor violation of laws, vacation, quarrel with friends, The best way to deal with stress is to remove the cause of it. One should make friendship with good people. One must avoid meeting with bad nature persons. Depression symptoms include feeing of guilt, lethargy, crying spells, pessimistic thinking., fear, extreme sleeplessness, withdrawal from the pleasure of life, loss of appetite, increase family settlement problems, loss of decision taking decision and negative thinking. One should recite the Holy Quarn, offer five times prayers regularly. One should always remember Almighty Allah. This is best way for living a peaceful life.